Good news …

The tax man says the kilns can keep kickin’ … YAY!!  I’ll be learning some new business concepts (COGS = cost of goods sold vs. inventory, raw materials and supplies), but I love learning … As long as I get to keep playing in glass!

It’s a good thing too, since I have another shipment coming in from NC … 75 pounds worth of glass and supplies.  And with our tax money this year, we’ll be purchasing a torch to play with some hot glass ideas …

But in the meantime, my production kiln and microwave kiln have been busy with blanks and playing with some cabs and other bowl ideas (square – kinda) … I should be firing up the coffin this week! Smile

'caribbean' blank 'amber' blankdichroic cabochon future square bowl

And all is good with the puppies … they are starting to play, loving their ‘gruel’ and Momma Liv is starting to get her pre-pregnancy shape back.

puppies playing

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