Ahh … peace and quiet.  The fam is all out of the house for a few hours, my chores are done – for the moment … how wonderful!  We had a beautiful day, weather-wise … teaser Michigan weather, which means an ice storm should be on it’s way soon.  But still, a beautiful day today!  And, I’ve had studio time … Working on badge reels and blanks.

Dichroic badge reels badge reel badge reel2 fourth of july blank island waters

Had a coffin slump too, so I have some new bowls to show:

special request large blue bowlCoral Reef bowlCaribbean bowlSummer swing bowlsquare bowlTortoise shell bowl

Yoda Kei’s litter mates are starting to move on to their new homes.  It’s sad, and I will miss them, but at the same time, often they would play pretty rough with him.  He seems content to be in his bed or on my lap with the occasional burst of play time.  He has a pathetic bark, wimpy and higher pitched.  It makes me giggle when I hear it.  DH thinks it’s sad too, “Hey lady, call off your mad dog!” he says … Smile He’s a whopping 1.75 pounds now, so he should make 3.5 pounds as an adult.

Yoda Kei 3 months

The Neo pups are doing great, gaining daily!  Moving from soaked kibble to dry and playing.  They’re curious and inquisitive, a fun stage to see.  And after 10 minutes or so of romping they crash for a much needed nap.

Oronjalo - 5 wks old5 wk old Neo pups

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