Month: April 2012

Speed Bump = Clean Studio + Adele

So a fairly substantial life ‘speed-bump’ has altered my previous MINE-MINE-MINE studio plans … Damn Evil-Biologic and her inability to act like a responsible adult anyway …  So – feeling less than creative, I’ve spent time cleaning the studio and rockin’ with… Read More


So, the night ended on an upbeat note … Even though I was tag-team REPRIMANDED by my spouse AND my accountant!  I’m SUPPOSED to watch my spending next year … Um, Yeah – OKAY … Says these two DAY WALKERS.  When I… Read More

The unsung hero … (AKA WWU)

No – it’s not me, if I were the hero – I would be quite vocal about it!  The true hero is the octogenarian (AKA Little Old Man) ON blood thinners  WITH A NOSE BLEED (read: it will never stop):  He’s so… Read More