Down, but not out …

I’m working through a weird virus that has me sleeping most of my week away … Headache and body aches even through Motrin, when I’m awake.  I’m feeling better today (only needed a 3 hour mid-day nap), so I’m on the mend …

Which is perfect, as our Sheeba had her puppies today (4 days over-due).  Blue and tawny babies – who are huge, and taking to life-on-the-outside like naturals.


Miss Cowbell (Chloe, the Baboon Aszz) isn’t allowed in the nursery, or anywhere near any boys, right now … But she’s still so cute!


I’ve been active in the studio in bits and spurts:  Ornaments, spoon rests and more ornaments:


Our youngest son completed his first segment of training and will be moving on to Texas soon.  He sent us this – such a handsome guy!  Stay safe and strong!


My studio computer caught the ‘blue screen of death’, so I’ve been limping along with laptop and an older computer, while I wait for my new one to arrive.  It amazes me how anxious I get without access to technology – and how impatient I am with slow (dial-up era) access to that technology … Baby steps … Winking smile

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