Laying low … but, NOT

While my studio is quiet this week, our house is busy … We have puppies (AGAIN)!  Labor started in the wee hours of Tuesday morning.  Many, many hours later, with lots of love, encouragement and patience – we welcomed blue, velvety-soft babies! 


Which keeps us close to the whelping boxes.  Thank goodness for our downstairs kitchen.  I’ve been keeping Moms well fed, while doing a bit of cooking.  We tried this recipe from GreatGrubDeliciousTreats  … Thanks Terri, it’s delicious!


And, I’ve got a batch of chicken stock (bone broth) on slow boil … It smells amazing!  I’m going to be all set for yummy Fall soups!!!


When I do steal away to the studio, I’m fussing with my new computer.  I’m learning how not-so-friendly Windows 10 is with a lot of my much-loved, older programs/software.  Grrrr!  I have managed a few more ornaments, which I like.  And, we replaced relays in my coffin kiln, so I finally fired a whole load of future spoon rests and, you guessed it … more ornaments(!):

spoonrests and ornaments

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