We interrupt this program …

For a few different reasons:  1) To wish my babies (the twins) a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  15 years old today … Wow – time flies.  To celebrate, we’ll hit our favorite family restaurant tonight, and I will quietly endure their teenage pool party later this week … Love you guys!!! [*BTW – DH has fixed the green-jello pool problem.  Apparently, we needed to go beyond Super-Shock!  Love my blue pool water!]

twins 15 yrs ago

2) To bring about ‘Christmas in July’ … A custom order has me switching gears in the studio to work up some penguin ornaments.  My fingers are already numb from the grinder, but it’s all good!


3) To report back on my grandparents 65th anniversary party … They had a great time and were truly surprised!  We over-ate, caught up with one another, and then over-ate a bit more … But with this cake that my sister brought – how could we not???

gma&gpa65th       anniversary-cake

Studio update:  I have some jewelry (pendants and badge reels) put together, as well as another round just about ready:

jewelry-7-14-12     cabs-7-14-12

I’m working on a new slumped bottle experiment and design … here’s a quick peak at my first trials (so far-so good!):  And a photo of my own fairy wing pendant – I love this silly ‘lil thing!

new-slumped-bottle     latest-experiment      my-fairy-wing

And I’ll leave with a pic of my finished peacock platter, proudly sitting in my studio ‘living room’.  Time to get back to the grinder …


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