It’s the 20 Year Anniversary …

Of turning 29 … Yep, that’s what I celebrated this week.  I’ve spent the last several years avoiding specific numbers, while I slowly acknowledge – and am just about ready to – fully gear-up – and possibly embrace … turning 50 (read: F.I.F.T.Y; “The BIG 5-0”!!!) … Yeah, sure … IN ANOTHER 363 days.

It’s all good.  I can still care for underage alcohol-intoxicants and mary jane overdoses (OH – Don’t get me started, Michigan!!!) like an ER Boss!  So much fun to be had on an E.R. nurses weekend!

And then, I officially aged.  Except for the part where I felt weak-virus crummy, run-down and ‘head-achy’ the first half of the week … life as a 49 year old is good.  Our youngest is coming over later today for some socializing and (ham bone stock) potato soup dinner;  I heard from all but a couple of my family (Oh, we will talk you two!)!  And, I dressed Chloe (& Rotunda) in another adorable shirt!  Cue photos:

why-mom  reindeer-sweater

I also had a special request (Christmas tree night light) that has a few (hundred) ideas rumbling.  So, experiment one is in the kiln now.  This has stamped glass enamels on a pre-fused night light base. [Photos below … we’ll see what the kiln does with that!]  I have a some other ideas that I will work my way through later, when time allows.  In the meantime, DH has said he has an idea, and wants to play in the studio.  WHAT?!?  [Wow – that’s been a while] … Sure!  And, I’m going to do some glass paint/enamel experiments with oils again … We tried a few years ago (with things like vegetable oil), but this time I want to play with ‘cell separator’ (dimethicone), and GAI oil … We’ll see.

an-idea stamping-meets-glass christmas-tree-experiment

Lastly, I hope to do another vitrigraph pull.  But I haven’t chosen any colors yet … None are screaming at me, “Pick me, pick me …”  So, I’ll have to focus on the color wheel for a bit.  Meanwhile, here is a fairly crummy photo of last week’s murrini pull (which I still have not listed … Sorry – it’s coming!):


Thank You‘ to ALL for the birthday wishes.  This girl is feeling better, feeling loved, and ready to get busy!  Smile

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