It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year …

winter2018We had our first snowfall this week (a semi-sticking kind, anyway).  I love snow (from inside a heated space!)!  So pretty …

I’ve been keeping a couple of kilns busy for the last few days.  We’re keeping up with ornaments, one mini load at a time (which somehow makes it easier for me) …


I mentioned we had a request for a Christmas Tree night light … I made a crackle tree (it’s back in the kiln for the third of four firings) … We’ll see.  And, DH wanted his turn – kind of a retro or Dr Suess type tree.  I like it.  A confetti (thin wafer/shards of glass) tree and a frit tree wrap up our Christmas Tree night light offerings (the last 3 are in the kiln for their final slump).

crackle-tree  DH-xmas-treeconfetti-treefrit-tree

I’ve also cut the stack for our next vitrigraph pull.  Coe90 murrini cane coming up …


I managed to update the shop with our Nutcracker Spoon Rests, just in time for the holidays. I have several other new items (small and unique dishes and plates) to photograph and list.  [Next on the to-do list!]

 nutcracker spoon rests

And finally, it’s cold outside.  This means comfort foods are totally acceptable.  So, we’ll be making a dish of Tater-tot Sloppy Joe-Casserole (not my photo), I’m excited!  [Thank you Tammilee & John!]


Time to buckle down and get cracking.  With Thanksgiving and a new litter of pups around the corner – well, this is my ‘free and easy week’!  Winking smile

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