Ahead of the Game …

Haha!  OK, kind of … for the moment!  But, I’m on top of my post – so there’s that. 

News:  We are officially EMPTY NESTERS.  Baby boy moved into his apartment this week … Wow!  27 years of motherhood (including pregnancy) … DONE!!!  [I know, it’s never done until I’m dead, but … STILL!]  AND … our oldest sought out a new job, and GOT IT!  10k more per year – you go, smart Sister!  I’m proud of you!!!

And, then there was Halloween.  We live in ‘the back forty’, so no trick-or-treaters.  We had to make due dressing the bulldog sisters up.  [Not really – I bought a sweatshirt and wanted to see if it fit …]  Cue adorable, fluffy, Xanadu bulldog sisters:

chloe-sweatshirt olivia-newton-bulldogs sexy-Ro

I pulled a few spoon rests together.  We are officially underway with holiday shopping in our online shop … MUST GET BUSY!  I also listed the red murrini cane 

nov-spoon-rests   coe96 red murrini cane

Next up:  A coe90 vit pull – hopefully later today (Friday) … Here’s the stack:


And, I finally pulled those card fronts together, into actual cards.  The hold up – cutting, stacking and gluing four layers of (those white) die-cut sentiments and flower frames.  Those are some tiny, fussy, fiddly bits.  Once I remembered to put my cheater glasses on, so I could see everything – well, it went quite a bit faster …


Happy Friday, Ya’ll!!!wlEmoticon-winkingsmile.png

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