A Lot to Report …

OK  – running through the list since my last post.  Last week was wonderful, with pool days every day!  Got through a steady ER-nursing weekend, with a bit of a twist.  Our youngest daughter came up to see me and inform she was twinsheading back to Ghana for a ‘short visit’ (3 wks).  She left the ER to meet her brother, drove all night to catch a flight from New York and has made it safely to Ghana.  [Big THANKS to her oldest brother for helping her out like that.]  Moving on, the twins turned 22 on Tuesday (with Little Sis internationally travelling through it all). 

I made a vat of Swamp Juice – our custom to make a batch every summer… [Once started as a Sangria recipe that has been modified over the years Smile]

swamp-juice-fruit swamp-juice-fixings swamp-juice-2019

cali-stares-at-DHBefore we could enjoy it, we started pup watch, as our Neo, Cali was as big as a horse and due any day.  I have a photo of her staring longingly at DH, willing him to wake up from his nap, while Clyde hung out with her in the whelping box on Wednesday.

She had 13 beautiful blue and tawny babies, starting at 3am on Friday morning and finishing by 2pm in the afternoon.  Since we’re all adjusting to life on the outside, I’ve stayed busy near mom and pups. (Photo of the boys …)calipups

I made a bunch of soy candles and prepped some spoon rests for slumping.

candles-july  soy-candlesspoonrests-july

I also have Linda close by, as she decided to take after Uncle Clyde with some palette issues, and was admitted to the canine ER with (aspiration) pneumonia on Monday, and came home on Thursday.  She still has a horrible sounding cough, but is getting better daily.  Here’s a quick photo of her with Aunt Chloe.


So, yeah – that catches us up.  Now I’m ready to head back to the ER for a fun-filled weekend.  Stay cool, y’all!

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