It’s been a while …

I keep going back and forth with this creative rut.  I need to do a MAJOR deep clean in the studio, and I’m not looking forward to it.  But it has to happen, so … Next week!

In the meantime, DH and I have played with some hot weather desserts.  We tried some homemade (no churn) ice cream, along with peanut butter sauce (YUM!).  I didn’t care for the ice cream as it is too sweet, but DH likes it.  Then we made strawberry frozen yogurt.  Again, I didn’t care for it as I felt it was more like a tart sorbet.  BUT, when I mixed the ice cream (minus the peanut butter sauce) into the strawberry yogurt … PERFECTION!  (Thank you Gemma and Tracy!)

homemade-icecream-peanut-butter-sauce    strawberry-frozen-yogurt

I did pull a few birthday cards together.  cards-7-5

new-deck-dockAnd, DH built the pond deck/dock.  Victor and Gina approve.  And Chloe and Ro helped … play in the mud!  Smile

muddy-chloe  muddy-ro-2019

We’ve been enjoying the arrival of actual summer (sunshine and warm weather), with pool days as often as possible.  I’m calling it “Jamaica in July” (no swim up bar, but a handy cooler at the edge of the pool is in place) and I’m loving it!  During the wee hours of the night (my natural awake time), I’m catching up on yearly nursing computer competencies.  Our facility, which doesn’t like to pay for actually doing these competencies, recently issued a new deadline of June 30 for ALL to be complete.  As I was working (a very busy weekend with lots of volume, a few truly sick pts scattered amid many physically and emotionally demanding pts and families) … I didn’t make the deadline.  So far,  I’m 4 hours into them, with (hopefully just) 2 more hours to go to complete the 40+ modules.   Yep – Jamaica in July … because I need it!!!

I caught some neighborhood fireworks through my studio window.  I tried to get a picture.  This is the best I managed … over DH’s dump truck, between the trees and electric poles … Ambience!  Winking smile


One more pool day before returning to another fun ER nursing weekend.  Be safe Y’all!

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