Weekend wrap up … life is hard

My Sunday school teacher says “Gettin’ old isn’t for wimps …”  How true!  This weekend proved over and over how the human body can go through some painful processes … Tracheal erosions with large volume bleeding; cancer-produced fistulas (connections) from rectum to bladder; GI bleeding and kidney failure; strokes with paralysis; dementia/Alzheimers … It’s so difficult what many elderly endure … and yet, most don’t whine about it or carry on …

And then there are the life choices younger people make … so stupid. 

  • Alcohol to the point of needing to be in the ER to monitor/maintain your airway … screaming at the top of your lungs, cursing like a sailor at the staff keeping you safe. 
  • Young adults who insist on Jerry-Springer-drama about their cold symptoms.  The odds of the chest pain being a massive heart attack are small, as you aren’t even 20 yet – regardless of how dramatic you are about it …

We had it all this weekend … along with a larger than average ‘bizarre behavior/complaint’ population … due [I believe] to the very large moon.  Was it a completely full moon?  No idea – but it was full enough for my community …


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