Good news/Bad news …

So – the good news is … I am plunging forward with my own fused glass website – php, MySQL, CSS and all.  ‘Course it’s very time consuming, as I barely understand what I’m doing, but that’s ok … when my head starts spinning – I step away.

The bad news … since I really don’t understand what I’m doing – I have multiple emails going with various tech support …

The good news … I’m putting my insomnia to good use with all of this website development and coding …

The bad news … even with insomnia, I really haven’t been very productive in the studio.

The good news … my family has been eating like Roman Gods this week: Seafood Alfredo; home made Nachos; grilled Chicken with fresh Vegetable Medley (steamed asparagus, chayote, cauliflower, carrots) and “Mom’s” special baked potatoes (rolled in butter and sea salt before broiling, served with fresh chives/sourcream); and Baked Ziti (with mushrooms, zucchini and ground beef) … I think I’m fighting off a cold, thus trying to feed it.

The bad news … I’ve been eating all of the above as well – I may have gained 20 pounds this week …

The good news … my kiln is running as I type.

The bad news … the weather is lousy this week.  That’s not helping my cold.

The good news … we finally had what SHOULD BE our last snowfall for the season … come on Spring!

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