It’s raining, it’s pouring

But I’ll take it over snow, anyday!

This post is a work-in-progress – like so many things in life … to be followed-up-upon later.

It’s 2am.  I’ve had such a ‘highs and lows’ kind of day:  Major insomnia, combined with web design had me enthralled ‘til about 4am last night.  I was on a roll, creating some really good stuff.  Then, a 5am surprise text had me worried about a coworker (do not fear, all is well – or will be with the healing powers of time).  I was able to put my head/body to rest at about 7am.  My wake-up call came at 11am, as the kids were home to celebrate Good Friday – the only way they know how – LOUDLY.  I moved on to motherly, wifely, domestic duties.  That part of my day was a good day.  At 10p, I retired to the studio – to produce and create!  And I DID – for a bit.  But, even though it’s not-entirely-complete, I was eager to get my new website ‘out there’.  That’s when I discovered all of my hard work from last night IS GONE!  Lost in cyber-space somewhere … Oy Vay!  I have an email in to the ‘systems department’ of my web hosting company … time will tell.

Later today – the DH and I go see about a new puppy (Neapolitan Mastiff).  I’m excited.  But – he needs to be the right fit.  So … will be back to report later …

In the meantime – here’s the progress I had going when my ‘fung-shui’/karma was still aligned (???):

My new business card; Latest pressed glass blank;

chsbizcard    DSC02484

And my nursing (future) badge reels (yeah, AND a frog prince – for good measure) and plaque … almost ready for firing:

DSC02482    DSC02486

I hope to come back with great news … and photos of our newest family member … I’m burning candles, rubbing Buddha’s belly … it could happen!  Smile

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