So now …

The dreaded taxes are done!  Yay!  So now, we can focus on the next job(s) … Our group project is refinishing the hardwood floors.  MY NEXT project is finding and CLEANING this studio.  I’m going to majorly shame myself and post a photo.  It shows just how cluttered I’ve become.  Gah! 


In between, I will continue to make cards, run the occasional kiln load and watch over my garden starts.  I’ve been playing with watercolors …

card watercolor

And, I’m kicking around the idea of hosting some classes.  I plan to rope my sister into helping me figure out a working agenda for each, but here are some of the items I’m thinking about.classes

baby-bunnyOur baby bunnies are getting cuter by the day and starting to explore the world outside of their nesting box ro-headphones… Awwww!

I’m also sharing a quick pic of Miss Rotunda, who likes listening to my blue-tooth face (eye) mask with thunderstorms and crickets playing …

And now, I’ve got to start cleaning.  Hugs Y’all!


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