Meat Party – Take 2…

Yep … this time it was lasagna, ribs and BBQ rabbit.  Plus whatever sides I finally decided on.  We had my grandpa, uncle, my mother in law, and our youngest baby out for dinner.  Our boy will be leaving for additional USAF training in Texas soon, and will be gone for almost a year!  It was time to cook the favorites!  Winking smile  And now I can say all of my family has tried rabbit.  They like it!

chicoryMeanwhile, I’m learning all about chicory and roasting and decaf coffee alternatives.  You’re welcome, DH!

This is chicory … you will find it in almost every non-manicured yard, especially in Michigan.  It’s roots are roasted and ground, then added to coffee for a 50/50 decaf drink.  We love it … so I’m making it!


resumeI’ve also decided to join this decade.  I’ve updated my resume, complete with profile pic, hobbies and astrological sign (OK – I maynew-card be kidding about one of those) … I hope to have a job interview or two soon.

I played in the studio – made a card.  I like it.

Somewhere along the way, I decided abdominal cellulitis v3.0 would be the way to go … But, I’m beating back with oral antibiotics!

And Miss Linda Blue, my chunky monkey will be having babies soon.  Arrrggghh!  I’m so excited!


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