So, Actually …

It turns out Babs is really (Mr.) Bugs – and our Miss Thumper has had babies!  OMGosh – how fun!  Here’s a quick pic of Mom and baby bunnies.

Mama-Thumper thumper-babiesw

I’ve made a few cards, and I’m having a good time getting back into studio work.

hbd-cards  feb-cards 

We’ve also been playing with pottery.  Here is our window for planter pots.  Pretty!


I’ll leave with a cute photo of Crazy Ava – who loves to sing to us.  Hugs Y’all!


Snow and Play …

We had our big snow storm.  It produced, but nothing overly dramatic.  The pups had fun romping through it, though.


Meanwhile, we continue to play in the ceramic  studio.  DH made a Batman mug.  It fired okay (with glazes), but we’ve definitely had some better pieces coming out of our kilns.  And here is our new mug display in the kitchen.  Smile

batman-mug  batman-firedpots-2-72-7-load-mugmugd

Our hydroponics continue to grow.  We are routinely grabbing bok choy and various herbs.  I would like the tomatoes, cucumbers and zucchini to produce a bit more/faster …2-22-hydroponics    hyrdoponics-2-22

tragus-piercingOh, and this just happened.  I’d been wanting to get a tragus piercing for a bit, so I had my little sister act as my ‘wing-man’.  I’m glad I have it, and she had me laughing through most of it …

This also happened (today).  We brought our male, “Buck Rogers” home, along with a sweet blue girl – named “Violet” – who is 3 months old.  Awwww!  Babs and Thumper are enjoying a more ‘colony’ vibe to their habitat now …

buck violetthumper & babs

I’m also playing in the kitchen of my studio.  Lip balm last week, and I hope to add strawberry and mango flavors as well.  And a new book to learn from.  We already make yogurt (SO MUCH CHEAPER!!!), but I’d love to make some cheeses (like muenster and gouda!) …

lip-balm   more-learning

I’m gathering supplies for soap making too … Just a matter of time now!  Winking smile

Stay safe and hugs, Y’all!

Having a GREAT time …

DH-55-cardWarning – another photo-heavy post.  But, I’m having so much fun! 

DH had a birthday, so I made him a ‘pop-up’ card:DH-bday-card

And, we’ve been cooking.  I have photos of the jerky we made (pork, beef and chicken), along with the homemade dog treats … The pups love them!  Here’s the link to the dog treat recipe.  Thanks Alyssa!

jerky    homemade-dog-treats

I’ve also been reading up on handmade lotions, so I whipped up a couple of batches.

lotion-round-2    handmade-lotion-number-2

ceramic-kiln-number-3Oh, and we purchased another ceramic kiln (our third).  Check her out, she’s HUGE!

So, we’ve been making and glazing pots (mugs, dishes, plant pots, etc.)  Here come the pictures:


FDL-mug-finished chun-red-mug celtic-muglips-cup peacock-bowl my-pot

I’m making some glass things too – just so those kilns don’t feel lonely.  Smile

2022-spoon-rests    glass-santas

ducksDH and I have been going for walks (called exercising – in my book).  We stumbled on a neighbor’s pond full of ducks, so I took a photo.  I’ve also been doing some AM hours (or being a day-walker) … CRAZY, I know!  But here is the sunrise photo I caught on DH’s birthday.  Pretty!


I’ll leave with a cute pic of one of our Neo pups, Walter (Cronkite or ‘Kronk’).  Awwww!  And Miss Chloe Cowbell – because it’s hard to be Chloe!  Winking smile

walter-no2  hard-to-be-chloe

Love and hugs, y’all!

A Little of This …

rose-lights-and-spoonrestsSo, today’s update is more about photo sharing – with a little of this and that thrown in …

I’m creating in the glass studio again.  I had a request for some rose night lights and spoon rests.  And, I’m playing with an idea for these gnome ornaments and glass paints … we’ll see if it works.

gnomes   gnome-glass-ornaments

bunny-bungalowDH and I are staying busy.  We hung some mood-lighting in the bunny hutch (or the  Bunny Bungalow – as I like to call it).  Smile

fleur-de-lisWe continue to play at least a little every day in the clay studio.  Here is a mug I painted, waiting for her turn in the glazing kiln.  And we have lots of pots waiting for glazing!  Yesterday, we hung these shelves – that DH made YEARS AGO.  I like them, and think it finishes the wall nicely.

waiting-for-glaze  shelves

We have not yet celebrated Christmas with my dad, so I decided to decorate the Whimsy Tree – one of my favorites!


pretzel-bunsAnd of course, we continue to eat well.  Here are the pretzel buns I made for our home ground burgers.  I have a few more meats I hope to grind later this week (chicken and pork).  Since it’s a new year, with lots of changes, DH and I have decided to start walking/hiking.  We’ve managed a few days with 1-2 miles at a nice leisurely pace.  Baby steps!!!

I’ll leave with a cute photo of my sisters (Chloe and Rotunda), hanging out with us in the clay studio enjoying their favorite hobby (NAPPING!)!!  Hugs and <3. y’all!ChloeNRo

Another Update and Welcoming 2022 …

Oh my goodness, 2021 went out with a bang!  There is a big work story that I’m not quite ready to share, but we can cover Christmas, food/recipes, clay studio, other life stories and cute photos.  So – here we go …

candied-pecansPrepping for Christmas 2021, DH and I opted for more-than-not homemade gifts.  So, we gave cards, candied pecans, tubs of chex mix and plants in our pots (along with a few store bought items).  Do my kids appreciate it?  Probably not.  But it makes me feel good.

cards   pots-with-plants

xmas-2020Our Christmas morning: The chicken feather plucker is mine and DH received a 10 piece set of pots and pans that he had wanted for some time. 

And our gift from the twins … Meet Roz the chameleon!  She is presently staying with the twins as we have a bit too much going on right now with all of our other animals.  But she’s cute – in her lizardly way …

Roz     monsters-inc-roz

pasta-makerWe have eaten well, as I uncovered our Kitchenaid pasta maker and grinder attachments.  So we made pasta (with a mushroom/herb sauce – no photo) and then we ground some beef for burgers (I’ll make pretzel buns to go with) …

making-pasta pasta grinding-beef

killer-mac-and-cheeseWe also have a huge pan (9×13) of KILLER Mac & Cheese.  It’s made with 5 cheeses (although I may have added more) and because we couldn’t find the cheeses in the recipe, we improvised with others (gouda, swiss, colby jack, muenster, parmesan, mozerella, along with whatever other cheeses I may have had in our fridge).  It is AMAZING, although NOT heart healthy.  Here is a link to the recipe, if you’re interested:

And – our most recent meal, Crispy Oven Roasted Garlic Chicken – from one of our backyard (SKOS) chickens.  It was pretty great!  Link to recipe:

our-chicken      crispy-garlic-chicken

dichroic-glass-cup-holderWe’ve also been playing in the studio and deep cleaning just about every room and space we have.  Here’s what we have going on in the pottery studio …

A fused glass cup holder/pencil-cup I uncovered from when the kilns were in the house.  I’m playing with clay shapes to add to our coffee mugs, using silicone molds and cookie cutters that we have.  And lastly, our most recent glazing ready for the kiln (trial 2).  Baby steps!!!


DH-the-modelI mentioned deep cleaning … well, one of those jobs was cleaning out our closets, where DH stumbled on this crazy leather jacket (seriously hideous) and felt compelled to model it, so I took a few photos.  I’d say he’s (NOT QUITE) ready for the runway/modeling career!  Winking smile

winter-eggsOur Ladies (the chickens) are NOT laying in their nesting boxes, which makes me think a couple of things … 1) Too cold or 2) They are BRATS!  But, either way, we store the extra straw (for the outdoor run) in their coop.  Here is where they are laying eggs now.  Even Miss Hannigan started to lay again (green eggs), so I’ll take it.  In the meantime, we have wrapped the outer portion of their run with wind barriers, making it very nice and toasty (or at least breeze-free).  Happy Ladies, happy eggs, happy Chicken-Mom!  Smile

And lastlly, a photo of Miss Chloe CowBell.  Just like a kid, give them all the toys they could want and what do they play with?  THE BOX!!!  Cute little snot!


Happy New Year and HUGS, y’all!

MiA …

But I’m back.  I’m sorry.  I’m doing the best that I can.  The nursing toll is feeling heavy this year.  Add to it: Mandatory competency deadlines; another level of hot flashes; and T-8 days until Christmas … OMGosh!

Got through my birthday, Thanksgiving, figuring our pottery kiln problem, annual work competencies … And here I am.  Add the stressors of Christmas countdown, Covid surge number 86 – along with increased volume, acuity and overnight HOLDS in our free-standing ER; Growing our farm, daily chores and maintenance, on top of what HAS GOT TO BE the LAST level of menopausal power-ups [PLEASE?!?] … I’m struggling.  But it’s all good.  We have also been moving forward.

And the rest will be covered via photos … 

We have bunnies … Meet Babs and Thumper, so cute!  They are 3 months old now and  acclimating well …  We hope to add a male for them soon.  Meanwhile, they are adjusting to us – while getting used to daily treats of carrot, spinach, melons, cucumber and alfalfa.  I think they might just love me …

babs thumper

TWD-zombie-lungWe worked our way through a kiln issue and finally fired our first (and second – in the kiln as I type) batch of ceramic pots.  Live and learn is the message of the week!  And we are learning … But, check out that Walking Dead/Zombie Lung interior we created … Dang!!!

clay-pots pottery glaze-3

glaze-4 glazed-pots glazed-2 

We are throwing ‘pots’ – gaining knowledge to control clay on the potter’s wheel daily.  Again, DH has more innate skill, and patience – than I do.  But, I have better glaze-dunking abilities (… so yeah, he’s still ‘beating’ me …) … Smile


hydroponic-wk4My hydroponic plants are growing … Here is a quick photo of our dutch bucket cucumbers, doing AMAZING!

Ava-Disco-BallWe’re keeping up with animal upkeep.  We cleaned out the chicken coop today, while DH has added a disco ball to the ladies run … Right?!?  Because EVERYONE needs a disco ball!!!

new-cardAnd my latest card, trying to wrap up gift making in time for Christmas.  We Can Do This!!!

Oh, BTW – DH told me that our oldest wants to host Christmas.  As he and I were just discussing the long list  of hurdles and challenges of meeting that deadline (hosting here), baby girl comes through!  Yes, please!!!

Meanwhile, on the ER nurse front – I continue to bob-&-weave through covid patients, sick patients and the influx of volume met with holiday-season staffing challenges … as best as I can.  Good Golly, this STINKS!

And, my latest trick in the hot flash/menopause department has added palpitations and dizziness on top of igniting my whole body in internal heat/flames.  Cool!!!

Finally, DH and I have eaten well … so many good recipes, great soups and awesome meals have been created. [No photos, but amazing food!]  Will do better with updates, I hope!

Merry Christmas, peace and hugs ya’ll!

Goodness …

If this works, we will have some 26+ vegetable, fruit and herb plants growing in our basement this winter.  SWEET – I am so excited to see how this rolls out!


20211026_204940Meanwhile, DH is pleased with the hydroponic space, too.  But, he did say to me, “This is interfering with my ceramic time …”  Doh – DUDE, you are so easy!  Wait until that green house arrives!!! Winking smile

It’s taken a bit of doing, but all things worth-while do take a smidge of time.  My ceramic studio is up and running.  The hydroponic basement is ready to move forward.  I have some 122+ plant-starts in their water medium, as of tonight.  AND – we have barley fodder growing.   Why?!?  Because – Oh My GOODNESS – the chickens will LOVE IT (supposedly) … as will the rabbits(!) … and pigs(!) …

sprouted-barley1   barley_fodder_1

Oops … getting ahead of myself again.  Speaking of which – DH is supposed to be building a nursery … AKA the  (rabbit) hutchery.  We’ve talked about this … Bunnies this year, pigs coming Spring 2022 …

Self sustainability … I still love the idea!!!  And, we’re slowly taking steps to make it more real!!!

Peace and <3, Ya’ll!!!

Oh … Wow!!!

On so many levels … Jeesh, where to start.  Ok … my hot flashes have taken it up a notch.  Yep, we are at NIGHT SWEATS now … Praise Sweet BABY JESUS – let us pray there aren’t too many more power-up levels beyond this … Star-Fighter here we come. 


But, this current level of female HELL-ON-EARTH has me sleeping like the peaceful dead – only to come awake as my body sweats from the inside out and I have this ULTRA-NEXT-LEVEL-DURAN-DURAN/MEETS-DAVID-BOWIE/MEETS-BLADE … Blade - Vampire Dance Club Theme - YouTubeummm, that’s BLADE I, II, and Blade III … All in my previously slumbering body … TO BEAT TO THE DRUMS OF MY OWN PULSE REACKING HAVOC ON MYSELF – AS IT IS TOO DANG HARD AND TOO DAMN FAST.  And then, the sweat GOD’S descend upon us.  SHHHHhhhhhh – we’re still sleeping …  BUT NO … That Blade music TECHNO POP is jumping … OM MY GOSH – I have sweat glands behind my ears, and on the insides of my knees, AND –  on the outsides of my EYELIDS  … WTF?!?

These new night sweats are apparently some kind of MASSIVE inner battle, because they leave me EXHAUSTED – once my own heart rate slows to something less audible … and then I go back to sleeping like the dead!!!  And, I do!!!

I don’t even know what to pray for … So, I sleep … Sixteen hours last night, like the DEAD!

MOVING ON … because, really what else can we do???

We’ve been making stuff on the potter’s wheel.  It’s not as INNATE as I felt it should be.  Truth be told, DH has better skill than I do, but … I like to think that my end-objects are ARTIER … Well, sure it’s a word.  More art-like …




Love and <3’s … until I BURN UP!!! Smile

I Cooked My Butt Off …

So, we had some family out … Our first-borns (daughter and son) and our new(-ish) son-in-law.  It was a great visit!  I thoroughly enjoy listening to their journeys, tasks, accomplishments and obstacles.  They are amazing young people.  (BTW – our youngest [the Twins] are too, it just makes my life a bit easier to divide and conquer! …  So – next visit will be with JUST THEM!)  We had a great time tonight.  20211007_152345

While we were unable to enjoy pool time this week, as the 75+ degree heat promised by Michigan meteorologists did not hold true for the last few days … It did give DH and me time to prep food, prepare spaces and create a good environment. 

I picked flowers from our garden for a beautiful centerpiece … I’ve planted flowers for years – but have not ever made arrangements with them … WTH?  WHY NOT?!?  DOH!!!

We slow cooked meats (rabbit and chicken) … I will share photos – but you need to understand, nothing you see will equate to how amazing our Teriyaki-marinated meats were …

20211007_180639    20211007_180656

I didn’t take photos, but THIS girl loves her some vegetables … including coleslaw and ‘vegetable medley’ – which, for this meal meant cauliflower, carrots and chayote.  My first born has not liked vegetables since she was 8-9 months old.  But she tried them tonight.  Did she love them – NOPE, NOT YET!  But we’re still working on it.  They were beautiful and amazing vegetables (… and, nope – no photos)!!!

Our baby girl does like salad.  We made an AWESOME Strawberry Spinach Pecan Feta Balsamic salad (link to the recipe … because IT IS TRUELY AMAZING), and THIS GIRL (YEAH, me again) FIRMLY believes Balsamic vinegar has been recalled from nursing use as SMELLING SALTS … (YUCK!) … But this salad is SOO GOOD!!


20211008_015216And … Yep!!!  An official success in the books for me.  I’m learning to enjoy the moments – so I did tonight.  Grandma T is finally teaching me – it doesn’t have to be all about Martha Stewart.  I can reach a compromise … And STILL MAKE KICK-ASZZZZ FOOD!

Hoping for a pool day tomorrow – or maybe early next week.  Keep on Dreamin’ Folks!  HUGS!!!!

I’m Trying to be Creative …

While I’m down and out!

So, my back is not happy.  Apparently, she’s trying to disband from this union.  I’ve been nursing her back to homeostasis, if not happiness – for the better part of a week.  She’s just not falling for it.  I ice, take ibuprofen, ice a bit more, try Ultram, add more ice … Maybe I can move.  So I play in the studio … Until I can’t bear standing any more, and then I try it again:  Ice, ibuprofen, ice, tramadol … rinse/repeat. 

20210924_201010So then I was trying to make food.  I got a beautiful loaf of bread finished.  Made up a vat of cabbage with burger … Apparently, DH’s favorite … 20210923_182928A mock on the inside out stuffed-cabbage recipe.  He’s not sharing those left-overs with ANYONE!  Wow! … And we added some cooked squash from our garden to freeze for the first AUTUMN soup!  So excited.

Slowing down in the studio, not only for my back, but we have family coming out this week.  Our oldest boy is turning 27 years old!  Wow!  You go Dude!20211005_020022

So, we invited family out.  My Dad and stepMom bailed, but Brooke and her beau accepted.  We’ll be trialing rabbit and home-grown chicken, vegetable medley, hibachi garlic noodles, along with a strawberry spinach salad and brownies with whipped cream/vanilla pudding frosting … A good meal to share with family, while celebrating our oldest son’s birthday!  I am happy.

Umm, my back is still not happy.  I have time to tame this crazy beast.  I’ve reached out, again to my PCP – and I may be ready to try a chiropractor – as something needs to break this evil cycle!  Meanwhile – between icing and resting/Motrin-ing and Ultram-ing, I can create in bits and spurts … Here’s what I’ve been making:  Our third round of red sauce … Oh, I think I’ve perfected it!  😉


And, my cards.  Because this is something I can do between motrin highs and back-aching lows, with ice on the spot for cycles at a time.  Gearing up for a Christmas Gift batch for my family.  Here’s what we have so far …

20210928_231827 - Copy  20211005_01584220211004_202622    20210928_231851 - Copy20210924_000809   .20210923_215726    20210923_010412

Yep, it keeps me busy.  It keeps me off the streets. And, it keeps me tied to my couch in the studio.  I’ve home-nursed this craziness for years, but I feel like this time – it’s giving me a run for the money … Just about to get stable – feel a snap or twinge – back to square one.  It could be so much worse, I know … So, I’m not really complaining.  I am frustrated as so many folks are depending on me, and I don’t like to be down and out, doing nothing!  Must get this back of mine in line!!!

Hugs, Y’all!