Summertime Happiness

What a great week!  We made some changes to the garden this year, adding five 4’ x 4’ raised beds, instead of the one 15 foot bed that I thought I had successfully negotiated for … Why? … Because, DH found these ‘ready made’ containers – and thought they would be easier/cheaper … Silly man!  I sent him back for more (to finish out the garden space).  So, THEN we had to paint them and add sills/tops (DOH!!)!  But now, the garden is done – full to the max with various containers for growing!  THERE  YOU GO – as of today, our garden is 99% planted!  YAY!  Here’s a quick photo:


All of my studio-window plant starts are in, and we added some new herbs, vegetables and flowers this year:  Borage (… who knew?), dill, sage, mint, chamomile, cantaloupe (as the chicken ladies love them), and 2 varieties of sweet pumpkins, along with dahlias, petunias and 6 pots of sunflowers (5 gallon ‘construction buckets’ … fancy – NOT!).  Combined with all the other things we’ve grown/tried growing in past gardens …  I’m so excited!  I even made plans (a ‘blueprint’) for us to follow!

2021-window-starts   garden-plan-21

We harvested a bit from our [previously planted] perennial herbs (thyme and chives – I will never need to purchase either of these herbs in my lifetime – Ummm … EVER!!!).  We made the spinach/ham quiche again (so yummy), along with some amazing egg salad [no photo] – Thank you, ladies!

thyme-chives    quiche-take-2

And – we’ve had pool days every day this week.  Chloe even had her first dip …  Plus – I have one more day of sunshine and pool-time before heading back to work.  Peace and hugs, Ya’ll!


And It hurt …

But, I need to move on.  And so – I am trying to move about my days, attempting to do just that.  Unfortunately, I was still hurting, and made mention of that to my work gang.  After a couple of cheap shots, another alpha-nurse tried to slap me down.  Oh … well, dang – this was too much!  I reacted, I swiped… and I behaved badly.

You’re still you, and I accept that.  And you are – I hope enjoying your honeymoon …

I need to move along and fix my ER family.  They will be with me for many, manywork girls more years … Meanwhile, I love our ‘safe-zone peoples’!!!  [Love to you, Miss D!]

It’s probably going to take some time.  It may need re-organizing.  I could blame you, but that’s what my evil-biologic taught me … go for the throat and take no prisoners.  I understand … 

We may not ever work it out … I did apologize – it went to cyberspace.  But I wish you the best, my friend!

What a wonderful day …

weddingThe weather was beautiful, our daughter was gorgeous … We had a great day!

Moving on … I have a whole week to play in the studio.  I have my garden starts growing … and I’ve roped DH into building one more (of the two requested) raised garden beds.  It’s all about moving forward!


The (not-from-our-well) water for the pool arrived today … ‘Jamaica in June’ is on it’s way!!!  I choose happy!  choose-happyAnd this sun-shine season will help make that happen!

Next up, progress in the studio.  I’ve been quiet – but, I’ve been doing some MUCH NEEDED CLEANING!  It’s all good – all the way around!!!  I plan to fill some molds and kick on these kilns tomorrow!  Hooyah!

garden-chickenAnd, lastly … my dad and step-mom know me so well.  They surprised me with a gift that gave me a laugh when I needed it – and so appreciated.  I can’t wait to add this ‘love-bug’ to our garden!!!  Hugs and ❤

I’ll leave with a cute photo of our garden helpers!  Awwwww … Winking smile


Tomorrow’s The Big Day …

Thank you Sweet Baby Jesus(!)   … This wedding has brought a major problem into the light.  It’s good to know your weaknesses, but … DANG!

I don’t like public events, massive gatherings or too much PEOPLE-ING.  I can handle all of it at work, as this is what I know.  I don’t do crowded spaces on my time anymore.  I have become a bit of an odd hermit (crowds of people at work, limited to NO visitors at home).  I now see the problem  I’m facing.  I have to dress up (in fancy-shindigs) to gather with a bunch of people – yes, many of them family, but still a cruise-ship boat-load of people!  Not to be a nurse, (not to be what I know as me,) but to be Mother of the Bride.  Well, shoot.  I don’t have a great role model for that one.  The evil-biologic showed up to my wedding in a WHITER version of white than I was wearing … That whole event – well, it’s just not a great reference point…  (I’m wearing TEAL, by the way…)

I thought I was cruising along, dealing with this personal space stress (which DH LOVES, by the way) … and I hit a speed-bump, lost control, and thoroughly lost my SH*T  on Thursday … Not sure why it happened, but my deepest apologies to my daughter and future son-in-law.  I’m so sorry.  I will be pulled together for the event, I will be well behaved, smiling and QUIET!


Bombshell-Deadline-Bombshell …

And Finally a GOOD WEEK!!!

I’ve been Missing In Action.  I’m sorry for that.  Crummy Viruses, Avoiding Adulting, Dealing WITH Deadlines, and ULTIMATELY – We Are Here!

A few weeks ago, I spent some time (FORCEFULLY) visiting a lousy GI bug, but I beat it back and after 3 hard days – I won.  Then I successfully avoided tax prep for a minute, or so  … OK, a LOT of TIME!  But, we got them done, -AND TURNED IN (T-minus 9 days!) … I HATE DEADLINES – but we usually pull them off!

Now, with looming dead-lines met, tax papers turned in … I have several sequined Mother of the Bride fancy SACKS to choose from – plus, I’ve recently ordered corresponding shoes.  While my garden is not yet planted, my seeds-in-trays are finally happening, marinating in much-loved Jiffy soil pods, water, and natural/recreated sunlight!


alohaAnd – the second to last irrevocable deadline is coming up.  My FAVORITE ER doctor (x 30+ years) is ‘retiring’ … OK, probably not – but he’s leaving us and moving to HAWAII!  So, I needed to make this card!  [DONE!!! – Thank you T.S.!]


viola-lindacar-rideMeanwhile, we had a bulldog breeding.  Time will tell if our sweet Miss Linda Blue will have babies …

DH has been working (again) on his FAVORITE car – and the bulldogs love to jump in (as they love car trips) …

We’ve accomplished SO MUCH, I finally felt able to try a new recipe … We LOVE it!!! So it’s been added to our cooking-rotation!  [Thanks Taste Of Home and Melinda!]quiche

On the side – negotiations are in the works to find a day/time to gather with the Highschool Ladies … I’m so ready for this much-needed girls night!

And – it’s just over 2 weeks until our firstborn is married!  Gah!  It’s almost too much! But we have these girls (and other four-legged kids, along with chicken-Ladies) to keep us busy.the-girlz

Next up gardening – prepping and planting, Oh My!!!  I’ll leave you with this beautiful photo DH captured from the backside of our home!  Peace, ❤ – and stay SAFE, Y’all!5-21

PS: No update on the Ladies – but, they’re good.  We’re still working on the hierarchy ‘feather-pecking’ order, but Miss Hannigan was able to rejoin her flock and all is back to a safe ‘status-quo’ …  HUGS!

Getting Stuff Done …

Slowly, but surely!  We did a bit of spring cleaning in the studio, as my packaging room was over-run with more boxes than I would ever need for shipping.  There is no before photo, but trust me – it was crazy out-of-control.  And, I tried to reorganize one of my storage/display shelves … There is still a lot going on there, but I like to see my stuff sometimes …

spring-cleaning-storage-room  spring-cleaning

Our poor Miss Hannigan was getting picked on, someone was pulling her tail feathers.  A couple of theMissHannigan other girls have it too (and Hot Lips seems to like to pick at her OWN feathers), but not nearly as bad as Miss H.  We tried a ‘coat’ for a bit – but no good.  So, DH set up a temporary nursing coop in the garage.  She has settled in nicely, and is even making eggs.  Once we get her back to normal, I’m a bit worried about how re-introducing her will go over, but … baby steps.


new-murrini-listingI’m getting inspired to make a few glass projects … I made some new murrini listings for the shop … But, I keep telling myself we need to get the taxes done before I can really play … Grrr.  We’ve put in a bit of time sorting papers and tallying numbers this week.  BABY STEPS!!!

sending-smilesI do give myself a wee bit of time to play with paper.  I put together some strip backgrounds … Hmm – I like them, and creating more masculine-themed colors is easier for me this way.  I also pulled a card together with die-cut paper piecing … Pretty, while being a bit finicky.

strip-backgrounds1  strip-backgrounds

I have a batch of bone broth simmering on the stove, and later today I’ll make a vat of (slightly modified from this recipe) Cauliflower Chowder as we get ready to roll into the weekend.  Make good decisions, Y’all!  🙂


Happy & Procrastinating …

We are supposed to be prepping our taxes … But, you know – there’s still time.  So, I tidied the studio in bits and spurts, made some good food (no photos, all tried & true recipes), loved on our dogs, fed the Ladies …   I even played with copic markers today.  A good week! copic-roseTime to head back to the ER for a weekend of nursing fun.  I’ll leave with a quick pic DH sent tonight – seems a couple of the Ladies have figured out the wood perch we gave them several weeks ago.  (Miss Hannigan and Eleanor)


We’ll get on those taxes next week, I’m sure!  Winking smile  Stay safe, Y’all!

So Fortunate!!!

My Friday started on a scary note … DH came into the studio, said ‘Hi!’, talked for a bit – and then saw all my burn-ables (flyers, packaging, cardboard boxes, junk mail) – and carted them away.  [So, HYPOTHETICALLY, maybe we have always (like 18+ years) burned our combustible trash, as MAYBE we pay for ‘dumpster’ pick-up loads … It MIGHT just be a country thing!]  Moving on … Our day started like so many of our other days.  I was creating spread-sheets, collecting tax data – moving along … But then, he yells out – LOUDLY(!!!!) … “COME HERE KRISSY, WE HAVE A FIRE!!!”  What … WTF did you just say?!? …

Fortunately, we were able to put that fire out, but not before it ‘caught’ to some weeds and brush …  IT’S OUT!!!  No One Was Hurt!  But, I put 3+ DECADES of yearly hospital FIRE-SAFETY training to good use  … Sweet Baby Jesus!!!  Something DH has been doing for most of our married life … Just, Oh … Oh My Gawwwsh!!!  [NO photos … No Proof!]  {PS – so maybe – if it even happened, it was only his barn, my studio, the LADIES, and my garden at risk … a football field away from the house – HYPOTHETICALLY … BUT – DAM*!!!}

DH took a moment (or 30), I took a moment (or 60) … Once heart rates normalized, we met back up in our coop.  The Ladies – ALL OF THEM(!) laid an egg for us … First Time Ever! Ten chicken ladies – ten eggs!  Wow!!!  My Ladies are AMAZING!!! [Or PYROMANIACS ... ???]


And, then … through our evening talks … DH threw out that I should have a larger monitor for my computer systems/cameras … ‘Like 32 inches – or whatever we have in the den …”  What?  What did you say, Love?  A bigger computer screen?!?  ABSOLUTELY!!! 

So, in the same day that we MIGHT have burned our homestead down – while each and every one of our Ladies gave up an egg for us … DH went out at 10pm at night to buy a BIG ASZZZ monitor for me … OMGosh!!!20210320_010654

Yep, BLESSED and FORTUNATE!!!  And, feeling every ounce of it!

[PS – disregard the top of my desk … we are pulling TAX SEASON together – Gah!!!]  I have no idea whether I was productive in the studio this week.  I’m just feeling fortunately blessed!  [And, tax season is LOOMING! … But I didn’t just say that out loud!] … Hugs to Y’all … Have a great weekend!

Rough Week, But Ends Well –

I think.  (I hope!!!)  It started out very promising – I received an order of new ornament and plant-stake molds, and I couldn’t wait to play with them.  Especially that unicorn and paw print …


plantstake-molds  my-favorites

But THENNNNN … My keyboard started acting up.  DH bought a new one, which worked for a day or so and then the computer took a turn.  Having experienced a hard crash with loss of photos and files before, I didn’t want to risk it again.  So, I’ve spent the last few external-HDdays copying all pertinent files/programs to a WD Book (external hard drive) and then loading them on to a new computer.  Thursday was the worst as my back-up plug-in keyboard wasn’t working, so I was using the on-screen keyboard to mouse click my way through emails, messages and command prompts …GRRR!


HPEnvyDesktopEarly Friday was spent in frustration trying to load programs that I had on the hard drive, with limited success.  DH and I were talking about being too old for this, and possibly needing to hire a younger/smarter brain for the job … FINALLY,  late Friday night I realized I could download the programs I wanted again from my (saved and transferred downloaded [DUH!] zip files) …  Yes!!!  Corel, MS Office and  Photoshop are now up and running on the new PC!  Along with my embedding hack (which worked) for our camera system and this blogging software (Live Writer).  Yay!!!  Now to work on the plotters and printers – but that’ll wait for next week!  I’m done!!!

Time to prepare for an ER weekend of fun!  I’ll leave with a couple of photos of the Ladies loving yogurt for the first time (in a melon bowl)!  That’s Daisy, Tosh, Eleanor, Jack-Jack in the first photo.  You can see KFC and Hot Lips in the 2nd picture, coated with yogurt, looking like they’re about to kiss!  Smile  BTW – Miss Hannigan (our easter egger – not seen in the photos, though) is laying her green eggs again!  Yay!!!  Have a great weekend Y’all! 

ladies-yogurt  loving-yogurt

PS – They do not love (or even like) butternut squash … Will keep trying!


DH is a happy camper!  Our Corned Beef Soup is amazing, and he has officially requested that it be added to our Recipe Book.


Meanwhile, I am crocheting the ‘fast hats’ … here is another ‘Rainbow Plum’ to add to our growing display.  I feel like we have a ‘Baby’ hat, now a ‘Mama’ hat … So I am working on a ‘Daddy’ hat … We will see if it fits DH’s head – and if he likes it …

20210306_034359   20210306_034230

I played a bit with the Gel Press, and inks and stencils … I like what I created, but at the same time, I feel like they look like paper packs … Happy, but … NOT!

           20210305_210802 20210305_210822

We have recently sprayed Hot Lips with the Blue Kote spray … I now have TWO girls being picked on … Good LORD – We avoided adding a ROOSTER to the mix for this VERY SAME REASON … HELP, please!!!

It’s time to head back to work … time to bob-and-weave around the Covid-Folks … Have a great weekend, Y’all.  Snuggle up with your family!!!