Umm, Still Learning …

With a Twist! 

I am staying on top of my work duties:  Dogs, email, nursing, cooking, family … 

I’m also keeping on top of the Ladies … Poor Miss Hannigan is being picked on – So we have ‘Blue Kote’ to try to help her.  I’m still trying to figure this chicken hierarchy out … It’s confusing.,

I’ve been cooking … Egg salad, BLT’s, coleslaw, but I’m most excited about our next endeavor – a cream based soup with loads of veggies and CORNED BEEF!  We can do this! … Go Irish, go!!!

And if it fails, we’ve always got the St John’s Fish Fry for Friday … I do so love tapping into our Catholic roots…

I may have succumbed to some Covid Cabin Fever – MY APOLOGIES TO MY FAMILY,  but, I am back … I got this!  Strong and ready!

And, I’m making cards, while crocheting … and getting ready for another glass fusing fest!  So, I am  back! 

(I understand – it’s all crochet, the next card project I want to do requires a few missing tools – ON  THE WAY!) … 




Still Learning – While keeping myself ready …

Again, another week with a huge blow.  It’s not fully understand yet – and I’m giving myself some time … But. it will be okay.

I am creating – in the kitchen and with my yarn … Look at this bean soup, along with a nice ham/cheese/egg casserole to keep someone busy …

20210217_180021     20210217_193348

20210219_030947LOVE that he is – DH bought a hybrid-tree plant for me on Valentine’s – without any instructions on how to keep it from dying … I will give it my best!  And, I’ve made my favorite cole-slaw (a KFC knock-off) … OMGoodness – I could eat it every day!!!


And I’ve crocheted more … an infinity scarf – with gorgeous colors I’ve been eager to play with …20210219_204049

And another dishcloth, in a favorite color … And lastly – a scarf – while I learn.  I managed to end it up in knots … But – it’s all learning … SO – it’s all good!

20210212_010613     20210211_042917

Next up – an ER weekend of nursing fun … still healing, still learning (the rules) … I’m good!  Be safe and love those you can, y’all!

Everything’s Roses ….

I’ve taught myself how to crochet.  While I’m only mimicking YouTube videos at the moment, I will double down and learn how to read the directions!  But, here’s what I made this week.

20210129_231204 20210202_085151 20210205_05015620210204_040933  20210204_041633

This week was tough.  I will be reevaluating, shoring up some ‘stuff’ and figure out the best way to move forward.  Personally, I’m really eager to loose myself as a Florence nurse this weekend! 

Here is a quick pick of our Miss CRAZY Ava, talking SMACK with her gang!!!  Peace and take care of those you love, Y’all!


Over watch – and …

Another catch-up post.  Last I wrote, I was experiencing an internal GI over-dinner1-21haul.  Five days of Jello, water and yogurt later – my gastrointestinal system and I were friends again.  Fearing I was contagious at the time, I stayed in the studio, away from DH and the pups. 

chicken-cabbage-spi[Once normal, I hit our downstairs kitchen and bread machine with a vengeance!  I started slow with soups, but then moved into a cream cheese chicken recipe (I’ve linked to the recipe, but my version did not look like their photo!?!)  DH liked it, so …cream-cheese-chicken

Wanting to try out a few bread machine recipes, we made mashed potato bread, sweet potato bread and Italian bread

mashed-potato-bread  sweet-potato-bread  italian-bread

apple-breadAs we were getting closer to DH’s birthday, I opted for a few desert items.  I destroyed this apple bread recipe (misreading it, thereby adding quadruple the amount of brown sugar) and just rolled with it until I felt I’d evened out the ingredients as best I could.  While DH likes it, I find it way too sweet.  Shocker!

Then I made cranberry walnut white chip cookies.  Again – not my favorite as the white ‘chocolate’ chips are mega-sweet!  And, finally apple crisp – a huge 9×13 pan of it.  DH is happily eating his way through all of these!

cranberry-walnut-white-choc  apple-crisp

strawberry-mango-jamI whipped a quick batch of jam together (adding mangos to a simple strawberry jam recipe) … very yummy, and great on our potato bread!  Then I wanted to try making coleslaw – as for whatever reason, I’ve never made it.  Also quite tasty.  Having gained back some confidence, I made a pot of ham/potato soup (our recipe, evolved over decades) … I say pot.  I really mean a VAT … But, it’s good and DH loves having left-overs for lunch, snack, brunch and every other meal he squeezes into a 24 hour day.

coleslaw   potato-soup-italian-bread

attempting-crochetHaving enough food prepared for a few weeks days, I moved to trying my first crochet lesson.  I WILL teach myself how … but tonight’s experiment was a bust!  I’ll spend some time reading and watching YouTube videos to get the hang of it! (This is supposed to be crocheting on edge – so a triangular looking piece …???)

And we (DH and I) are doing all of this while we watch over these cute little buggers!  Awww … puppy breath!


I’ll try to do better with updates, but in the meantime – Have a great weekend Ya’ll!

I Only Thought About It Once …

OK, maybe twice THREE times … But the bull-headed ER nurse in me persevered.

I am now on the angels-singing side of a maliciously violent bout of GI flu.  Every cell in my body was PROTESTING!  I only thought about going to the ER once (ok so – maybe a few times more than that) …  But, seriously – only fervently considered, FOR A PASSING MOMENT – calling an ambulance ONCE.  About the 5th time I was ferociously vomiting stomach cells – honestly, there was nothing else left(!), I may have BRIEFLY contemplated going in …  Just for Zofran, and maybe some IV fluid … But then, my inner ER nurse told me to SUCK IT UP, BUTTERCUP!  (Or, maybe it was because I was too near-death to make it to the car, or even to the phone to call the ambulance …?!?)

lavaI eventually started keeping fluids (- READ: sips of water) down!  [Amen ANGELS – Keep Singing!!!]  But after 7+ hours of volcanic-like discharges from the tail end of my GI system – which were occurring every 10-15 minutes when they started … I had one more quick flash of a life-saving emergency room visit … It was mostly involving lidocaine jelly … OUCH!

The good news – MY GI system was empty and QUIET after around the 10-hour mark.  The bad news – all of this hit just before my shift on Sunday … DOH!

After sleeping like the dead all day Monday … I’m feeling almost human.  The ‘positive’ outlook … I should have lost a pound or two through all of that NONSENSE!!!

It’s going to be a bland, quiet, non-productive week for me … Stay healthy, y’all!

A Hectic Start to 2021 …

Which isn’t a bad thing … just a busy thing(!), as DH and I continue to take shifts watching over our Moms and pups, while squeezing in the rest of our daily duties … Here is a quick photo of some of Gina’s babies, who are 3 weeks old and growing by the minute!


I’ve also been learning about the bread machine and playing with recipes.  I’ve found a sandwich bread we like.  So, then I made french toast for DH.  We love soft pretzel bites and pretzel buns!  The buttermilk biscuits where a bit disappointing, but the Parmesan Focaccia is a definite keeper!

bread-machine-white-bread french-toast pretzel-bites

pretzel-buns buttermilk-biscuits parmesan-focaccia

We celebrated Christmas with our oldest son tonight.  He has survived his covid quarantine!  And we had a great visit with a traditional ham, cheesy potato, green bean menu … Which means we’ll be having potato soup in our near future!

I’ll leave with a quick pic DH caught of Ava (one of our polish ladies) and Buffy (our ISA brown) today … Aren’t they beautiful?!?


Time for a weekend of ER nursing fun … Stay safe y’all!

Goodbye 2020 …

So, another catch-up post.  I’ve been missing in action because my alien baby, Hollis decided to come back (abdominal cellulitis) about 3 weeks ago.  I had daily visits to my Doc for antibiotic injections, changed up the oral antibiotics and I’m now waddling with a 5-6 month pregnant-look (improved).  Fun times!

We managed a vitrigraph glass pull, opting for shades of purple in coe96.

coe96-purples-stack  grape-crush-coe96-murrini

Then we had puppies.  Our Gina loves her blue and tawny babies.  And they are too-stinking cute.ginas-pups

We made it through the INSANE(!) mad-dash to fully prepare for Christmas, while maintaining pup watch.  Meanwhile our Georgie was growing her pregnant belly by the hour!  We opted for Christmas ‘brunch’ with the kids (- the menu was unusual, but it worked!).  We had a great time – the food was good, the presents appreciated and the company was wonderful!  (… MINUS ONE[!] … Unfortunately, our oldest son couldn’t come as he is responsibly self-isolating, having tested Covid positive.  We plan to have a special dinner with him for gifts and good food, once he is feeling better.)

We ended Christmas day with DH running Georgie to our emergency vet, as the poor girl was so big, she couldn’t lay down anymore.  They got home just after midnight and our four legged family has grown by 13 puppies.  We are running two nurseries, with 24/7 watch … OH MY!!!


bread-machineThen, I made a quick escape to squeeze in a weekend of ER nursing fun, and here we are, all up to date … Santa sent a bread machine for Christmas, and I have our first loaf cooking as I type [fingers crossed].  Earlier I made a big vat of Creamy Chicken Vegetable soup, after making chicken bone broth yesterday.  It’s pretty amazing …

chicken-bone--broth vegetables-in-bone-broth creamy-chicken-vegetable-soup

Some other highlights: I made a couple of cute snowmen … a gift tag and a not-yet-finished card top.

snowman-gift-tag  snowman-card-in-progress

We gave the Ladies a bale of straw in their run.  Ava and Tosh (the Polish girls) love it!


I’m looking forward to closing the books on 2020, and I am hopeful for a serene, healthy 2021!  Happy New Year, Y’all!

Cruising along … But, I don’t want to ‘People’ …

Cruising along – at 90 MPH, and I hit a little speed bump.  WTH … Why is my RLQ aching and throbbing?  ‘Forget-about-it’, was what shouted through my head.  But wait … what is this intense burning in my RUQ about?  OK, ‘Pansy’ – Do you have a fever?  Nope, HR is 85.   But – there is redness (more than typical) to my ‘Hollis’ gut!  Take Motrin!  I vomited the first dose (600mg), but kept the 2nd dose (400mg) down nicely.  WTH???

I’m expected back in the ER.  I want to go back to the ER.  I can’t handle any more of DH with his uncharted canine delivery questions.  HE did not write the breeding dates down.  (OK – he says he did, and then threw the monthly page away on our calendar … WTH?!?)

It is so much worse than our first few canine pregnancies (back when we were clueless!) … She twitches, he’s rushing her to the vet.  We’ve been 3 times this week, just to determine she is pregnant and progressing normally!


Please, let me go back to work!  But good-golly(!) what is this sh*t going on in my right abdomen?!?  Well shoot, my RUQ frickin’ hurts … it HURTS!cellulitis

I’m not ‘people-ing’  this week.  After too many encounters with disgruntled, whiney, entitled, millennial BRATZ – I’m not people-ing!  So, this abdominal discomfort is alarming … Do I have to ‘People’?   Well … S.H.*.T.!!!   Wait a minute …  Oh my Goodness, it burns!!!  WTHeck?

Thanksgiving High …

to a nursing LOW … But first – we had a wonderful Thanksgiving, our kids, et. al. joined us for our (now traditional) bacon wrapped herb/butter encrusted masterpiece. [OK – this one was not so beautiful on the outside – I opted for thick-cut bacon … delicious, but not so pretty!]  Even our oldest seemed to notice (for the first time?) how amazing all cuts of our Turkey tasted … not just the dark meat.


The main dish was supplemented with Hanky Pankies (a Thompson/Purdy tradition thanks to my dear This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is hanky-panky_thumb.jpggrandmother, carried on to her great grandkids!), my favorite blend of apple whiskey stuffing recipes, [our] house-famous garlic mashed potatoes, green bean casserole from our garden, and a  wonderful gravy made from the drippings, fruits, vegetables and bacon that dressed the bird. Our oldest daughter brought the newer family favorite of sweet potatoes with goat cheese … Round the meal out with croissants, pecan pie and homemade pumpkin cheesecake … All I can say is IT WAS AMAZING – and thank goodness we only eat this way once a year!!!  I’m officially calling Thanksgiving 2020 a success, and I feel truly blessed!  (Hanky Panky – not my photo – but that’s what they look like – and taste even BETTER! [Photo credit])

And then I went back to work last weekend – to suffer a HUGE nursing LOW!  It was difficult, it was painful, it had me seriously considering an immediate job change at 1am … An elderly patient with profound dementia, being fawned over by the adult child … 

I understand the dilemma – the feelings of frustration with inability to actually help your loved one as the unbelievably SLOW medical cogs turn … Does that mean you should be offering your ER nurse up as sacrifice to provide a pedicure, multiple bouts of repositioning, 8 more warm blankets, with a side of 3 more pillows strategically placed (in as yet unknown places) …. ???  … Hmmmm, not so much!  Add to it, the patient is Covid positive – so this HOT MAMA (thoroughly embracing power surges/hot flashes multiple times each day) needs to don the Costume of Death … The mask that only recirculates your own CO2, the Xanadu headband meets Dr. Who visor – that slips all over the place as your ‘sexy sheen’ puddles/pools and drips across your forehead and down your face.  The (fully plastic but disposable/maybe reusable/use it a few times …???) scrub covering.  Heck … no one knows its life expectancy – but it’s plastic so it helps to retain all covid nursing apparelthat extra heat your hormones gleefully generate all by yourself, without any additional stress or conflict required … 

The pt (with profound dementia) is aware that urine is dribbling – so continues to announce a need to urinate.   So, we – the adult child and I ‘COMPROMISED’ … We agreed to change the brief whenever it was suggested – like 5 times over a two hour period.  How do I properly educate this frustrated family member?  How do I survive these locked-in/locked-down room calls that raise my internal temperature to nearing flash point, literally …  It was 5 1/2 hours of my life, but they were the most demanding, uncomfortable, frustrating, non-Florence-like hours of my life … with a bunch of sweaty garb thrown on top (of me) just to make certain I was SAFE miserable!  We ended this fun-fest with a surprise staff meeting …

I’ve asked before for pointers/tips/tricks on how to re-align unrealistic family and/or patient expectations.  There was no simple/real answer provided.  We topped this glorious shift off with a staff meeting. This was the message, ‘Don’t have potlucks, don’t do the things you have traditionally done to keep your team strong and bonded.  None of those things are an option, but what can we [management] do to help?!?’

I’m back in my studio, thank YOU Sweet Baby Jesus – where I can decide when and if I want to create.  So I have … Christmas cards, birthday cards, a few more Christmas tree night lights and a custom request for ornaments.  I’m almost over the trauma of the weekend – I’m only having the occasional night mares/flash-back …  Later today, I plan to cut murrini and package, take photos and make listings …

xmas-cards xmas-bday-cards gnome-joy-card

xmas-tree-nite-lites ornament-requests

Gina-pregnantAll while we watch over our Gina … who is large and uncomfortable, and due any day now!  Thank goodness for puppy-breath … It heals in all the best ways!!!

I have one more day to get over last weekend … I can do it!!!  Happy weekend y’all!

Love Those Date Nights …

So we made the soup last week – the creamy cabbage kielbasa soup.  It was delicious!


kilnwash-spoon-restsAnd then I moved on to some studio cleaning and glass slumping.  I had a small mishap with my spoon rests, as it’s been ages since I re-applied kiln wash, so after ruining 3, I’m prepping those molds with a few more layers of protection (kiln wash) … Doh!

Needing something successful and productive, I made a batch of Christmas cards to add to my growing stash.  I like them.

christmas-cards joy-card

And, we had our vitrigraph pulls – both last Friday and again tonight (date night in my house!).  All from previously prepped stacks I had sitting around.  The first is Chocolate Caramel (coe90), a light beige covering with cream and dark brown designs inside.

chocolate-caramel-stack chocolate-caramel-pull

Tonight’s pull is festive, and I call it Heat Miser (coe90), with a red covering and bits of orange and yellow designs inside.  I like them … and hope to have some of both listed in our Etsy shop next week.

            red-orange-yellow-stack heat-mizer-cane

In between taking care of our Ladies (the chickens who are still producing 7–8 eggs each day), and playing with the pooches, I’ve been sleeping like the dead (10+ hours each night)… I must need it!

I’ll leave with a cute photo – the birthday card DH gave me earlier this month.  Still makes me smile!  Have a safe weekend y’all!51-bd-card