Minimal Adulting …

We got thru tax season 2019.  It was a painful week, but we beat the deadline.  We did ‘OK’ this year – we felt the tax law changes, but came out ‘winning’ … For whatever reason, this year’s tax prep was UNBELEVIABLY painful.  I never wanted to miss a deadline as badly!  So, it’s Friday and I’m still recovering – with minimal adulting.

I finally did some cooking on Friday (the first time this week).  Of course I went big – a VAT of potato soup, strawberry jam, spinach pies and a big batch of cranberry granola.  DH is still making about two Instant Pot’s of greek yogurt each week.  So the jam and granola make me happy!


Meanwhile, Ro and her RoBO babies are doing great(!) – growing, eating and adjusting to life on the outside.

Ro-and-babies   wk2-robo-babies

I’ve had the kiln running a couple of times this week, to keep up with orders.  I had some heartbreak after a successful firing.  I assume it was because I didn’t pull the glass off the mold after firing, but let it stay there for a few days –  with crazy Michigan temperature changes  … only to discover this:


Through it all, I’m making cards: Easter cards – for our offspring; and a ‘batch’ of birthday cards – to add to my  ‘collection box’.  Eventually, I may decide to do more with these than just family/friend gift-giving.  I’m still thinking about it.  But, in the meantime, they make me happy.


Now, to get ready for a week-end of ER Nursing fun …

And the Family is HOME!

Clyde was admitted to the canine hospital over the weekend, with pneumonia.  He came home on Tuesday, breathing easy and happy to see Dad (DH).  And RoMomma was admitted on Tuesday for pup watch, as she was showing signs of early labor … She and her pups came home today!  So, everyone is home now … YAY! 


And we have three new little ones:  Newton and his two sisters, Linda and Viola.  They are gorgeous!!!  So far, mom is sleeping off anesthesia and the pups are settling in to life on the outside.  Look at those faces!!! Smile

newton linda viola

Now to prep for our annual date with our tax man … It can’t all be fun and cuteness!

Busy Week … But, Not Done YET!!!

clydeSo, just to shake things up a bit this week, DH fully embraced a senior moment.  He gave Clyde his dose of naproxen, instead of Clyde’s dose of Zyrtec.  Meanwhile, I was cruising along at 80MPH, whistling a happy  tune in the studio  … And came to a SCREECHING STOP! 

‘You did what?’  Ninety minutes and 2.5 bottles of hydrogen peroxide later … Clyde offered up the offendingly toxic Naprosyn, while doing his best imitation of a drowning CHF’er; DH is exhausted, both physically and emotionally; and I’m watching over the boys sleeping, as well as Chloe and Ro.  Then it hits me … I realize just how terrible DH would be as an ER nurse.  His emotions took over and he wanted to stop ‘torturing’ Clyde (who does not like the taste of H2O2, BTW).  ‘Nope – haven’t seen any pills yet.  Come here, buddy,’ as I place Clyde in my best toddler/half-nelson head-lock.  It was ugly, traumatic and absolutely no fun.  BUT  – Clyde is now naproxen-free, drank water on his own and he’s currently sleeping.  Now, I’m considering locking all the meds up, away from DH …

Meanwhile, Ro went to the vet for a check this week.  She has an ear infection, so they did a quick ultrasound … which showed 4 (or more) babies, all with healthy heart beats.  T-4 days (give or take) … heart

While I continue to watch over the four (and two) legged crew, I made a few card tops.  HMMMM…. I’m waiting to play with the new alcohol pearl inks – due to arrive any day now … (Give or take…) Winking smile 


AIR-PLANTMURRINI-PEBBLESAnd, I’m using up useless nibs and bits of murrini, to create pebbles.  I chopped up empty wine/liquor bottles, to make a hanging ‘basket’ of sorts (complete with MACRAME twine/hemp hangers – THANKS You-Tube!), all ready  for ‘air plants’ … A fun and different earth-friendly house-warming gift for our daughter.  I hope to add some to our shop … we’ll see.

Thank goodness it’s Friday … I get to go back to the ER tomorrow!!!

They’re Done … Almost

flip-and-fire-with-murrini-I spent the better part of the week bringing the spoon rests thru to their final slump.  All but three.  This other one had air bubbles I didn’t like, so it’s in the baby kiln for a flip and fire, along with some murrini nibs.  I hope to use the nibs (otherwise ‘useless’) in an up-cycled house warming gift … [Photos to come …]

In the meantime, I’m pretty pleased with my spoons.  I have a hard time picking a favorite (or three) … Smile


In the kitchen this week, I made another batch of Instant Pot jam – this one with blackberries and (fresh) mango, frozen pineapple and a touch of shredded coconut (- why?  Because I had it!).  Yum!  Perfect for homemade yogurt!  And, we made (a too-large-portion of) Spinach Chicken & Mushroom alfredo sauce (with bok choy and peas – again, because we had them!).  Lil Sis came over, so she’ll be leaving with enough corned beef and cabbage and chicken alfredo to bring out the Irish and Italian in her – or to eat well for a week! Winking smile

blackberry-mango-jam       spinach-chicken-mushroom-alfredo

I’m slowly reorganizing/cleaning the studio (if you noticed in the spoon rest photo – I managed to clear off much of the coe90 table … Wow!)  So, not a whole bunch happened with card making.  I did manage to stamp several card fronts to color – maybe at work this weekend???


I’ll leave with a cute pic of Sassy Miss Cowbell (Chloe), who was posing all fierce and guardian-like in between scratching her back on my arborvitae … Meanwhile, RoMama (Rotunda) is growing daily, and getting a wee-bit picky with her food choices.  She’s got about 10-12 days to go (give or take) before the babies are due … My beautiful pot-bellied piglets!


Happy weekend everyone!  Be safe!!!

Some cookin’…

Both in the kitchen and the studio …

chicken-bonesI made a vat of bone broth.  I couldn’t help it.  When I was at the grocery store, I stumbled on a package of chicken feet … CHICKEN FEET!  And then I thought,  ‘Well, why not?!?’  DH was a bit concerned – and kept taking pictures!

making-bone-stock     bone-broth

no-knead-bread-tale-1But, I regained his trust once we made our first loaf of ‘no knead bread’, and another batch of jam.  (This time we used strawberries, mangoes and pears, oh my!)  I have another ‘loaf’ of bread proofing, as I type.  And, I think we need to try Honey Oat (no knead) bread next …

 mango-strawberry-pear-jam     homemade-bread-and-jam

almond-butter-jam-yogurtWe’re still making yogurt, just about daily – as Ro and Gina (our pregnant moms) like it too!  We also made our first batch of almond butter.  It will never replace peanut butter for me, but when I mixed it with yogurt and jam (almost PB&J yogurt …) – I loved it!


Since I was tied to the kitchen for a bit, I made beet chips.  You have to like beets (umm, DH does NOT), as the finished product is not so eye-appealing.  But they taste good.  And, Ro liked them, too.

beets-in-oil    beet-chips

Not that she is a picky eater, but I wanted to mix up some goodies just for Ro (and Gina) … So, I steamed a sweet potato to add to turkey burger and rice.  Oh yea – they love it!


Once all were well fed, I went back to the studio to move along my 47 spoon rests.  They’re getting there, and I hope to start slumping the bulk of them this weekend or early next week.

batch-2    spoon-rests-3-19

DH likes to hang out with the (bulldog) GIRLZ, while I work.


Leaving with a photo of RoMama – who was surveying her domain in between the crazy rainstorms we had – in March … IN MICHIGAN … RoMomma

On The Mend …

I think we are finally getting well (no more URI-crud) and moving in the right direction, creativity-wise.

I’ve moved my fun and colorful spoon rests along.  I have two more (coffin kiln) loads to go – but here’s the first batch.  These will need to go back into the kiln, another trip to the saw and (hopefully) a final kiln run for slumping … Yay!!! (So, yeah, that will be roughly 40+ hours in the kiln from start to finish.  I’m glad I made so many blanks!)


ChalcopyriteAnd – we had our vitrigraph pulls … beautiful coe96 murrini cane.  The first (spring green) is already listed in our Etsy store.  The second, should join our shop next week.  I struggled with a name – it’s teal, purple and blue (search google images for gorgeous photos), and finally decided on ‘Peacock Ore’ … which is chalcopyrite or borite.  [Credit for rock photo:]

spring green  peacock-ore

Instant-potWe played with our Instant Pot quite a bit this week:  We made  strawberry and raspberry/mango jams, greek style yogurt, and cauliflower mushroom soup.  All that goodness finally killed DH’s man-cold.  [AMEN!!!]  I hope to try ‘no-knead whey bread’ next week!

IP-strawberry-jam raspberry-mango-jamhomemade-yogurt IP-cauliflower-mushroom-sou

Our oldest daughter bought a house(!).  So DH and I tried our hand at spinach pies (a practical house-warming gift for move-in day, I hope).  While not even close to the amazing pies I’ve grown accustomed to … ours were sloppy, but good.  [An extra special Thank You to HLWLG – I have an even greater appreciation for all the work and magic of your spinach pies now!!!]

spinach-pies spinach-pies-to-freeze

Leaving with a photo of the sisters – Chloe is staying close and supportive while Ro gestates … Awww!!!sister-hugs

A Pinch of Mojo …

I’ve been working on these blanks, to eventually make a custom-request spoon rest … By the time I’m done, I’ll have a whole coffin-kiln load to flatten – and then I’ll have a whole lotta spoon rests (to cut), in what I hope are fun and unique color combinations.  I’ve got a blank cooking in the production kiln as I type, and I have one more color combination I want to make.  It’s been a while since I’ve fired up the big kiln … I’m excited!


DH is still sick, but showing signs of improving.  The Asparagus with Roasted Garlic soup was good.  Lil Sis recommended leaving a few bites of asparagus (as it’s a blended soup), if/when we make it again.  This week we made egg drop soup and added carrots, spinach and lots of chives.  And, we made our own crunchy Wonton noodles.  Yum! [I’m sorry for the crummy Fire tablet photos … ]

egg-drop-soup  wonton-noodles

I have  a couple of coe96 vitrigraph stacks together.  I’m hoping we can pull at least one pot this week (uhh, later today) … The colors remind me of spring and summer.  [Who has cabin fever?!?]


My stamping mojo is in a rut.  I colored the flowers from last week’s card fronts.  Still no sentiment ideas calling out to me … So, I played with my Super Script ‘hello’ stamp.  It’s giving me grief, as it won’t fully make the impression of the ‘H’ unless I quadruple stamp with loads of CPR-style stamping technique.  By then things are looking fairly smudgy … Frustrating!


I am excited about my next ‘date’ with our Instant Pot.  I plan to make cold start yogurt, as I’ve watched several Youtube videos about it, and feel I’m at ‘expert’ level (enough to try it, anyway …)  Smile  Followed quickly with a batch of strawberry jam (for DH) and chocolate frozen yogurt – for me!  Happy Friday Ya’ll!

A Bit of a Rut …

It must be the time of year – DH and I are SUPPOSED to be in Paradise right about now …Unfortunately we won’t be getting away this year.  And, my ‘glassy mojo’ is (apparently) on vacation.  So, creatively, it’s slow-going.

copic-storageMy card making seems to be moving along.  I made a few cards last week, and a few more this week; I also found a case to organize and store my Copic markers.  I stopped stamping today after getting frustrated with a multi-layer stamp set, used in a repeat-pattern … Ugghhh!  Only three more layers to go!

new-birthday-card cosmos-birthday-cardslast-weeks-cards flower-squares-cardrepetitive-layer-stamping

chicken-noodle-soupWhile I didn’t do much cooking last week, I made up for it!  DH is URI-crud-sick right now …  (Yeah, the same illness I’ve been avoiding at work.  It’s super fun to Bob-&-Weave at home AND work!)  So, I made a huge vat of Chicken Noodle Soup – with mushrooms (his favorite), bok choy to replace celery, and lots of healthy spinach.  It’s great!  [No recipe as I improvised and tweaked a bit …] Of course, DH can’t taste anything right now … We also made Instant Pot Mongolian beef – too sweet, but I’d definitely alter a couple of things and try again!  I made another soup (Sausage Potato Soup, again with added mushrooms) earlier this week [Ummm, it’s SOUP WEATHER … don’t judge!]  Along with Spinach Ricotta Rolls … I’ve finally accepted that I just don’t like ricotta cheese … so another recipe with potential after tweaking!  I also have supplies to make Roasted Garlic & Asparagus soup … Hmm, maybe tomorrow.  [So, yeah – I’m trying to ‘soup him into wellness’ … I’m drinking lots of orange juice (with vodka), too – to avoid that CRUD! … Ummm, STILL A JUDGE-FREE ZONE!!!] Smile

Robo-tiredIf the amount of sleep she’s requiring is any indication – Miss Rotunda is making babies.  We’ll know for certain in another couple of weeks, but … She’s so cute, in her constant snoring slumber!  In the meantime, I’m cleaning the studio in wee-little-bits [BABY STEPS].  And, when I can’t take that any more – I’ve gone back to a knitting project (market bag).


Just waiting for my mojo to catch up with me … Happy Weekend Ya’ll!!!!

Not Much to Report …

I slept a lot this week.  I think I’m trying to keep the CRUD I’m exposed to every weekend at bay with loads of sleep through the week … Maybe???

Anyway – I slept a bunch.  And kept cooking to a minimum with Spinach Artichoke Ravioli and a crockpot full of Golumpki, with bushels of salads in between.  [No photos – sorry!]blue-boy-peekin

Our pups have opened their eyes.  Within the next 10 days or so, they’ll start to be lots of fun.  Right now it’s still eat/sleep/repeat.  [Hey – kind of like me this week Smile ]


Had a few kiln loads going to move some pieces along.  Did an inventory on our murrini, and informed DH we need to have several vitrigraph kiln date nights.  And then I made a few cards.

cards-2-9  2-9-cards2

I sent DH an early Valentine’s present (or a late birthday gift … Oops).  It’s a manly bouquet.  Not roses, but Jerky flowers … Awe!  Nothing says LOVE like dehydrated meat sticksWinking smile  He does really like them …


Now back to dodging and weaving around hacking patients for the next ER nurse weekend tour.  Wish me luck!

Ro-Bo Babies???

Oh my gosh – I hope so … DH and Rotunda have been on an adventure all week, with Ro getting her progesterone level tested .  Today, Ro met her man – Bodacious.  So, if all is successful, we’ll be having some RoBo babies!!! GAAHHH!  [Fingers Crossed!)


Meanwhile, I’ve been pup-sitting and keeping our clan warm and comfortable, during Michigan’s Arctic BLAST!  Which gives me time to color.  I’ve played with copics, watercolors and pencils:

flower watercolor-flowersnew-gamsol-marker  pup-birthday

When I get to the studio, I’m still working on mesh melts.  I hope to get one more going this week, before I change color themes. 


All while keeping an eye on these little bugs.  Too cute!