s8 I got a wee bit side-tracked today.  My new phone arrived – and I had some learning to do.  Samsung Galaxy S8+ … Oh My Goodness … I love it!  I’ve been taking pictures, pictures – and more pictures!  What an awesome phone camera!!!  Little to no photo-editing to correct colors or lighting needed … WOW!

Here’s one of my ‘Chef’ spoon rest:


And some of my pendants:


I’ll be spending time creating listing for the shops.  Look for unique and beautiful jewelry at great prices soon!  We’re also pulling some vit cane.  DH and I did another coe96 pull, and I’ve got a few more lined up … So, look for more murrini cane to join the shop, too!

96-stack  96-carnival-clovers-pull

I received a few new hot glass colors, and made another small batch of penDots.  I’m starting to realize taking notes might be a good idea … Maybe.   We’ll see … Winking smile


I will leave with my first-ever S8+ picture … of the beautiful Chloe Cowbell, of course!


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