We did some pulls …

Our first vitrigraph pull of the night … coe96 turquoise:


We got some gorgeous cane/murrini.  But – we had a crazy amount left-over in the vit pot … I mean like 1.5-2 inches.  Since I knew I wanted to do another pull, we crash cooled the pot in cold water.  It made a BEAUTIFUL ‘hunk’ of cracked glass:


And, cracked it was – when we ‘encouraged’ it out of the pot, we got this … about 2 pounds of puddle/frit chunks!  It’s okay, though.  I will do SOMETHING with it.  And, our 96 cane supply is growing:  [I will be listing the cane on FB and in our shop soon!]


Moving on – we did a coe90 pull, too (I know – two in ONE day!!)!.  I love, love, LOVE it!  I’ve named this cane/murrini ‘Blue Lagoon’ … Smile


I also put together a couple of future pendant tiles, using my murrini.  I’ll map out pendant shapes and cut them up next week:


And, I did a smaller (3/4 inch) tray of penDots … Those colors are moving along NICELY!  One more shipment of hot colors coming!  Oh, I’m gonna have me some fun!!!


But first … time for a bit of sleep and a weekend of ER nursing fun!

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