Pulls, Puddles and Pool Time!

DH and I continue to play with the vitrigraph kiln, making murrini cane and stuff.  We had a repeat pull tonight, and I learned the value of the bubble-squeeze (along with a more controlled ramp up)!


bakers-half-rackWe’ve had some 20+ pulls, and we are learning with each one!  But – that’s a lot of vit ‘remains’ … I’ll be cleaning those up to play with puddle pieces.  I’m also running out of storage space, so I ordered a rolling bakers rack (half rack, actually).  I’m hoping to start in on some coe96 murrini cane soon!


chef-spoon-restI’m working on a new spoon rest design.  How cute is that?  I’m going to make a matching night light and ‘tea bowl’ …

Leaving with a photo of the Cowbell – who is learning to love the pool.  We’ve mastered the raft and we’re making baby steps with dog-paddling.  Who knew the rolly-polly-gal could swim?!?  Winking smile


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