On The Mend …

I think we are finally getting well (no more URI-crud) and moving in the right direction, creativity-wise.

I’ve moved my fun and colorful spoon rests along.  I have two more (coffin kiln) loads to go – but here’s the first batch.  These will need to go back into the kiln, another trip to the saw and (hopefully) a final kiln run for slumping … Yay!!! (So, yeah, that will be roughly 40+ hours in the kiln from start to finish.  I’m glad I made so many blanks!)


ChalcopyriteAnd – we had our vitrigraph pulls … beautiful coe96 murrini cane.  The first (spring green) is already listed in our Etsy store.  The second, should join our shop next week.  I struggled with a name – it’s teal, purple and blue (search google images for gorgeous photos), and finally decided on ‘Peacock Ore’ … which is chalcopyrite or borite.  [Credit for rock photo:  UKGE.com]

spring green  peacock-ore

Instant-potWe played with our Instant Pot quite a bit this week:  We made  strawberry and raspberry/mango jams, greek style yogurt, and cauliflower mushroom soup.  All that goodness finally killed DH’s man-cold.  [AMEN!!!]  I hope to try ‘no-knead whey bread’ next week!

IP-strawberry-jam raspberry-mango-jamhomemade-yogurt IP-cauliflower-mushroom-sou

Our oldest daughter bought a house(!).  So DH and I tried our hand at spinach pies (a practical house-warming gift for move-in day, I hope).  While not even close to the amazing pies I’ve grown accustomed to … ours were sloppy, but good.  [An extra special Thank You to HLWLG – I have an even greater appreciation for all the work and magic of your spinach pies now!!!]

spinach-pies spinach-pies-to-freeze

Leaving with a photo of the sisters – Chloe is staying close and supportive while Ro gestates … Awww!!!sister-hugs

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