A Pinch of Mojo …

I’ve been working on these blanks, to eventually make a custom-request spoon rest … By the time I’m done, I’ll have a whole coffin-kiln load to flatten – and then I’ll have a whole lotta spoon rests (to cut), in what I hope are fun and unique color combinations.  I’ve got a blank cooking in the production kiln as I type, and I have one more color combination I want to make.  It’s been a while since I’ve fired up the big kiln … I’m excited!


DH is still sick, but showing signs of improving.  The Asparagus with Roasted Garlic soup was good.  Lil Sis recommended leaving a few bites of asparagus (as it’s a blended soup), if/when we make it again.  This week we made egg drop soup and added carrots, spinach and lots of chives.  And, we made our own crunchy Wonton noodles.  Yum! [I’m sorry for the crummy Fire tablet photos … ]

egg-drop-soup  wonton-noodles

I have  a couple of coe96 vitrigraph stacks together.  I’m hoping we can pull at least one pot this week (uhh, later today) … The colors remind me of spring and summer.  [Who has cabin fever?!?]


My stamping mojo is in a rut.  I colored the flowers from last week’s card fronts.  Still no sentiment ideas calling out to me … So, I played with my Super Script ‘hello’ stamp.  It’s giving me grief, as it won’t fully make the impression of the ‘H’ unless I quadruple stamp with loads of CPR-style stamping technique.  By then things are looking fairly smudgy … Frustrating!


I am excited about my next ‘date’ with our Instant Pot.  I plan to make cold start yogurt, as I’ve watched several Youtube videos about it, and feel I’m at ‘expert’ level (enough to try it, anyway …)  Smile  Followed quickly with a batch of strawberry jam (for DH) and chocolate frozen yogurt – for me!  Happy Friday Ya’ll!

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