A Bit of a Rut …

It must be the time of year – DH and I are SUPPOSED to be in Paradise right about now …Unfortunately we won’t be getting away this year.  And, my ‘glassy mojo’ is (apparently) on vacation.  So, creatively, it’s slow-going.

copic-storageMy card making seems to be moving along.  I made a few cards last week, and a few more this week; I also found a case to organize and store my Copic markers.  I stopped stamping today after getting frustrated with a multi-layer stamp set, used in a repeat-pattern … Ugghhh!  Only three more layers to go!

new-birthday-card cosmos-birthday-cardslast-weeks-cards flower-squares-cardrepetitive-layer-stamping

chicken-noodle-soupWhile I didn’t do much cooking last week, I made up for it!  DH is URI-crud-sick right now …  (Yeah, the same illness I’ve been avoiding at work.  It’s super fun to Bob-&-Weave at home AND work!)  So, I made a huge vat of Chicken Noodle Soup – with mushrooms (his favorite), bok choy to replace celery, and lots of healthy spinach.  It’s great!  [No recipe as I improvised and tweaked a bit …] Of course, DH can’t taste anything right now … We also made Instant Pot Mongolian beef – too sweet, but I’d definitely alter a couple of things and try again!  I made another soup (Sausage Potato Soup, again with added mushrooms) earlier this week [Ummm, it’s SOUP WEATHER … don’t judge!]  Along with Spinach Ricotta Rolls … I’ve finally accepted that I just don’t like ricotta cheese … so another recipe with potential after tweaking!  I also have supplies to make Roasted Garlic & Asparagus soup … Hmm, maybe tomorrow.  [So, yeah – I’m trying to ‘soup him into wellness’ … I’m drinking lots of orange juice (with vodka), too – to avoid that CRUD! … Ummm, STILL A JUDGE-FREE ZONE!!!] Smile

Robo-tiredIf the amount of sleep she’s requiring is any indication – Miss Rotunda is making babies.  We’ll know for certain in another couple of weeks, but … She’s so cute, in her constant snoring slumber!  In the meantime, I’m cleaning the studio in wee-little-bits [BABY STEPS].  And, when I can’t take that any more – I’ve gone back to a knitting project (market bag).


Just waiting for my mojo to catch up with me … Happy Weekend Ya’ll!!!!

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