Not Much to Report …

I slept a lot this week.  I think I’m trying to keep the CRUD I’m exposed to every weekend at bay with loads of sleep through the week … Maybe???

Anyway – I slept a bunch.  And kept cooking to a minimum with Spinach Artichoke Ravioli and a crockpot full of Golumpki, with bushels of salads in between.  [No photos – sorry!]blue-boy-peekin

Our pups have opened their eyes.  Within the next 10 days or so, they’ll start to be lots of fun.  Right now it’s still eat/sleep/repeat.  [Hey – kind of like me this week Smile ]


Had a few kiln loads going to move some pieces along.  Did an inventory on our murrini, and informed DH we need to have several vitrigraph kiln date nights.  And then I made a few cards.

cards-2-9  2-9-cards2

I sent DH an early Valentine’s present (or a late birthday gift … Oops).  It’s a manly bouquet.  Not roses, but Jerky flowers … Awe!  Nothing says LOVE like dehydrated meat sticksWinking smile  He does really like them …


Now back to dodging and weaving around hacking patients for the next ER nurse weekend tour.  Wish me luck!

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