Ro-Bo Babies???

Oh my gosh – I hope so … DH and Rotunda have been on an adventure all week, with Ro getting her progesterone level tested .  Today, Ro met her man – Bodacious.  So, if all is successful, we’ll be having some RoBo babies!!! GAAHHH!  [Fingers Crossed!)


Meanwhile, I’ve been pup-sitting and keeping our clan warm and comfortable, during Michigan’s Arctic BLAST!  Which gives me time to color.  I’ve played with copics, watercolors and pencils:

flower watercolor-flowersnew-gamsol-marker  pup-birthday

When I get to the studio, I’m still working on mesh melts.  I hope to get one more going this week, before I change color themes. 


All while keeping an eye on these little bugs.  Too cute!


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