A Good Week …

Our Xena had her babies on Sunday – four beautiful pups joined our crew.  Here’s a quick pic John sent me while I was at work.  [Better photos to come …]


bean-bacon-soupAnd, DH turned another year older this week.  So, we started the week with Bean & Bacon soup – made with ham hock broth, and added carrots, water chestnuts, spinach, kale and arugula.  Absolutely yummy!

DH-and-cakeTonight, I made his all-time favorite – German Chocolate Cake.  He helped.  As everything was cooling, he let me know, “Darn, that’s a lot of work!”  Yep, it sure is … Just for you, babe!  As I was trying to get my photo, he decided he needed to jump in the frame too … Goofball!


To wrap up his birthday meals, I will make his favorite tomorrow – pork chops and mashed potatoes with mushroom gravy.  He loves it.  I don’t … Just for you, babe!

Caran-D'Ache-Luminance-PencilsWhile he was taking his turn waiting FOREVER at Secretary of State (I went earlier this week), I started playing with Luminance pencils.  OMGosh … I love these!  They blend so easily with a touch of gamsol … Instant pretty!  So, I colored these images.

luminance-coloring  ballerina-stamp

Add another mesh melt in the kiln as I type and I’m a happy girl in my studio!

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