Bits & Spurts …

That’s how my week felt, creatively speaking.  I struggled with card making, but finally got a miserly-few made.  I stamped these pretty layered dahlias.  And then had no clue how to pull the backgrounds together.  I’m not a huge fan of patterned paper, but I was eventually able to decide on four.

stamped-dahlias    dahlia-cards

I did create a mesh-melt blank.  Here’s the photo of the load, pre-firing along with the blank.  DH said he thought the amount of glass might be light.  Nope!  That blank is currently 10.5 inches wide by 1/2 inch thick, and weighs almost 4 pounds.  When I flow it back out, I’m hoping to uncover some more non-brown colors.  We’ll see … It’s been awhile, so I’m moving ahead slowly, giving my brain time to remember all the tips & tricks we learned years ago …

mesh-melt-load   mesh-melt-2019 

Back to card making and backgrounds.  I played with intense watercolor powders, both Ken Oliver ColorBurst and Nuvo Shimmer powder.  Yep, I played with them.  Not well, but … I’m sure I can do something with these, eventually!


Tonight was about foiling.  I decided I wanted to foil some stamped roses … That worked.  But what to do with that stark white background?  I ended up blending some distress oxide inks and then adding a foiled ‘happy birthday’ sentiment.  Hmmm … ok.

foiling-stamped-roses    foiled-roses

Then I thought I might have more success with foiled embossing powder images.  NOPE!  Too hot, too much foil, images too distorted …  Doh!


I’m almost excited to get out of the studio and back to ER nursing for a bit.  Lucky me – 24 hour weekend tour up next!  Be safe!!!

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