More Baby Steps …

Cuz that’s how we move forward!  But first … Look at this!  Aunt Piggy and Uncle Clyde ‘lording’ over the Neo babies … Too Cute!


And back to baby steps:  We got the new shelving unit up – and full.  I like it.  Sure, I’d like it bigger, BUT … I have my lesser-used (coe96 coarse and mosaic frit and confetti glass) tucked away, along with most of my ‘fancy’ cardstock; re-homed my cute (DH special) shelf over by the coe90 area, along with my color-wheel/clock; and then I filled up that cubicle storage with stamps.  It works.  It also means I have ZERO new storage space to discover.  Which equates to this – ‘MUST MAKE MORE’ stuff, to use up the STUFF – before we endeavor on anymore HOBBIES .. DOH!!!


coe90-frit-shelving new-color-wheel-clock-home more-stamp-storage

But that’s okay … cuz that’s just what I’m doing.  I’m completing some orders while back filling some stock with etched dichroic glass (see that Fred – a coworker gave me that too long ago, but I’m glad I waited.  I think the two layer dicro is gonna look great, and my plotter, etching and alignment skills are better now -), all cooking in the kiln as I type.

etching-dichroic-images dichroic-cabochons fred-special-request

I also have a couple of batches of spoon rest blanks cut/ground and ready to fire.  One of the ivory spoons will meet up with some enamel … umm – later today, for another special request.  Add a sinter firing, and then back in the kiln to see how our ideas (mine and the customer) mesh … [To be continued]


I’m also cleaning my studio, in bits and spurts, until I rediscover something shiny or fun.  Yep, baby steps! 

I hope to have some card-time today.  I’ve got a couple of Pinterest ideas I want to try.  Here’s one – ready for the next step of a shaker card – using seed beads.  Oh yea – I have a few [thousand] of those!!!


DH and I have talked about dinner.  I want to try my hand at sautéed shredded veggies – kind of like this recipe [not my photo], but with more veggies (zucchini, carrots, chayote and purple cabbage) along with Chicken Bundles for the ‘entree’ … Yum!!!

shredded cabbage squash

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