Some cookin’…

Both in the kitchen and the studio …

chicken-bonesI made a vat of bone broth.  I couldn’t help it.  When I was at the grocery store, I stumbled on a package of chicken feet … CHICKEN FEET!  And then I thought,  ‘Well, why not?!?’  DH was a bit concerned – and kept taking pictures!

making-bone-stock     bone-broth

no-knead-bread-tale-1But, I regained his trust once we made our first loaf of ‘no knead bread’, and another batch of jam.  (This time we used strawberries, mangoes and pears, oh my!)  I have another ‘loaf’ of bread proofing, as I type.  And, I think we need to try Honey Oat (no knead) bread next …

 mango-strawberry-pear-jam     homemade-bread-and-jam

almond-butter-jam-yogurtWe’re still making yogurt, just about daily – as Ro and Gina (our pregnant moms) like it too!  We also made our first batch of almond butter.  It will never replace peanut butter for me, but when I mixed it with yogurt and jam (almost PB&J yogurt …) – I loved it!


Since I was tied to the kitchen for a bit, I made beet chips.  You have to like beets (umm, DH does NOT), as the finished product is not so eye-appealing.  But they taste good.  And, Ro liked them, too.

beets-in-oil    beet-chips

Not that she is a picky eater, but I wanted to mix up some goodies just for Ro (and Gina) … So, I steamed a sweet potato to add to turkey burger and rice.  Oh yea – they love it!


Once all were well fed, I went back to the studio to move along my 47 spoon rests.  They’re getting there, and I hope to start slumping the bulk of them this weekend or early next week.

batch-2    spoon-rests-3-19

DH likes to hang out with the (bulldog) GIRLZ, while I work.


Leaving with a photo of RoMama – who was surveying her domain in between the crazy rainstorms we had – in March … IN MICHIGAN … RoMomma

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