They’re Done … Almost

flip-and-fire-with-murrini-I spent the better part of the week bringing the spoon rests thru to their final slump.  All but three.  This other one had air bubbles I didn’t like, so it’s in the baby kiln for a flip and fire, along with some murrini nibs.  I hope to use the nibs (otherwise ‘useless’) in an up-cycled house warming gift … [Photos to come …]

In the meantime, I’m pretty pleased with my spoons.  I have a hard time picking a favorite (or three) … Smile


In the kitchen this week, I made another batch of Instant Pot jam – this one with blackberries and (fresh) mango, frozen pineapple and a touch of shredded coconut (- why?  Because I had it!).  Yum!  Perfect for homemade yogurt!  And, we made (a too-large-portion of) Spinach Chicken & Mushroom alfredo sauce (with bok choy and peas – again, because we had them!).  Lil Sis came over, so she’ll be leaving with enough corned beef and cabbage and chicken alfredo to bring out the Irish and Italian in her – or to eat well for a week! Winking smile

blackberry-mango-jam       spinach-chicken-mushroom-alfredo

I’m slowly reorganizing/cleaning the studio (if you noticed in the spoon rest photo – I managed to clear off much of the coe90 table … Wow!)  So, not a whole bunch happened with card making.  I did manage to stamp several card fronts to color – maybe at work this weekend???


I’ll leave with a cute pic of Sassy Miss Cowbell (Chloe), who was posing all fierce and guardian-like in between scratching her back on my arborvitae … Meanwhile, RoMama (Rotunda) is growing daily, and getting a wee-bit picky with her food choices.  She’s got about 10-12 days to go (give or take) before the babies are due … My beautiful pot-bellied piglets!


Happy weekend everyone!  Be safe!!!

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