Busy Week … But, Not Done YET!!!

clydeSo, just to shake things up a bit this week, DH fully embraced a senior moment.  He gave Clyde his dose of naproxen, instead of Clyde’s dose of Zyrtec.  Meanwhile, I was cruising along at 80MPH, whistling a happy  tune in the studio  … And came to a SCREECHING STOP! 

‘You did what?’  Ninety minutes and 2.5 bottles of hydrogen peroxide later … Clyde offered up the offendingly toxic Naprosyn, while doing his best imitation of a drowning CHF’er; DH is exhausted, both physically and emotionally; and I’m watching over the boys sleeping, as well as Chloe and Ro.  Then it hits me … I realize just how terrible DH would be as an ER nurse.  His emotions took over and he wanted to stop ‘torturing’ Clyde (who does not like the taste of H2O2, BTW).  ‘Nope – haven’t seen any pills yet.  Come here, buddy,’ as I place Clyde in my best toddler/half-nelson head-lock.  It was ugly, traumatic and absolutely no fun.  BUT  – Clyde is now naproxen-free, drank water on his own and he’s currently sleeping.  Now, I’m considering locking all the meds up, away from DH …

Meanwhile, Ro went to the vet for a check this week.  She has an ear infection, so they did a quick ultrasound … which showed 4 (or more) babies, all with healthy heart beats.  T-4 days (give or take) … heart

While I continue to watch over the four (and two) legged crew, I made a few card tops.  HMMMM…. I’m waiting to play with the new alcohol pearl inks – due to arrive any day now … (Give or take…) Winking smile 


AIR-PLANTMURRINI-PEBBLESAnd, I’m using up useless nibs and bits of murrini, to create pebbles.  I chopped up empty wine/liquor bottles, to make a hanging ‘basket’ of sorts (complete with MACRAME twine/hemp hangers – THANKS You-Tube!), all ready  for ‘air plants’ … A fun and different earth-friendly house-warming gift for our daughter.  I hope to add some to our shop … we’ll see.

Thank goodness it’s Friday … I get to go back to the ER tomorrow!!!

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