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Slowing down …

Yeah, sure … Umm, kinda WWU:  The full moon did not disappoint this weekend.  It was flippin’ craziness everywhere  (And, I don’t mean [non-PC] behavioral medicine craziness.  I mean full-moon nuttiness all the way around!):  Arguments with law enforcement; bizarre complaints; insane… Read More

Busy ~ but I’m lovin’ it!

What a week!  I’ve been taking serious advantage of insomnia.  I have 3 kilns running, and so much to report … Here’s what I worked on tonight:  Fingers crossed it turns out as promising as I hope! And, I finished my fish… Read More

Happy Anniversary Weekend …

As we roll into the anniversary of our special day, I am celebrating!  How, you ask?  Well, I started my day with not one, but two ‘DEEP core’ weight-loss donations (… and it hurt!).  Armed with nothing stronger than Motrin, we went… Read More

No More Sunshine?!? What!!!

So, I don’t have lupus or mixed-connective tissue disease … yet!  Although, my newest doctor tells me that SUNSHINE could cause my ANA to flip.  WTH!?!  Next, someone’s gonna say that Diet Coke or alcohol are bad for you!!!  In the meantime,… Read More

Iridescent Platters: Take 2, scene 2 …

[Fingers Crossed!!!]  My irid platters are back in the kiln … this is where I blew it last time.  Here’s hoping the kiln-Gods are pleased with me today … I’ll find out tomorrow. I moved my zentangle badge reels/pendants along.  I capped… Read More

Run-Around Sue …

Up, down and run around – just call me ‘Sue’ … or Crazy.  What a week!  Started on Monday, with a middle of my sleep-time doctor’s appointment.  Back and forth we went 3 times this week (more in a minute) …  And… Read More

That’s better!

Feelin’ a bit more like me, and the Motrin is actually helping today … so I had a great day in the studio!  I’ve been spending a lot of time learning Vitri-Fusaille (Peter McGrain) along with all other painting on stained glass… Read More

Play Day in the Studio

A long, stressful day … but a good day.  Started early this morning as we flew pups off to their new homes.  Got home just in time to watch their flights progress across the country … New extended family in NJ, MD,… Read More

Shitake! But not yet …

Have you seen that THING?!?  Egads … this weekend is gonna be tough!  Yesss – it’s pretty in the sky over the farm, all innocent and peaceful looking.  NO – I do NOT want to go to work this weekend!!!  (It will still… Read More

Surrounded by cuteness …

News from the den:  All are doing great.  Eyes and ears are open, we’re moving into gruel, and starting to cruise around in the whelping box.  We had a photo-shoot, and while there are so many adorable pictures to choose from …… Read More