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Some things I have learned …

– It’s good to be (friends with) the King … – Mashed potatoes do not go well with ribs-n-beans … – Patience pays off (somewhat) … WWU – It’s Good to be (Friends with) the King:  All hail our ER director!  Yep,… Read More

Gathering as we grow …

WWU:  Someone decided it would be a good idea to have me as acting charge nurse this past weekend … WTH?!?  Such a silly notion!  But we got through, and outside of a huge THANK YOU to my co-workers, I have nothing… Read More

My little Peanut …

Playing with frit again.  Here’s a tweaked picture of my Maggie Rose – from a few years ago, before she got chubby.  [The poor girl has so many nicknames: Mags, Peanut, Fat-Butt, Magnolia Rosebud … she comes to all of them –… Read More

Thanksgiving …

I have a lot to be thankful for … Thanksgiving went off without a hitch, no one got sick, I got through the day with minimal thoughts of – and NO ACTUAL – maiming of family members(!), and with all of these left-overs – I won’t be… Read More

Oh … I’ve done it now!

While being sick, to boot!  That’s my excuse, anyway … I have been dreaming about the ‘Cadillac’ of glass paints for a LONG time now.  Umm, not anymore … I ordered ‘em!  Cuz, my screen printing equipment arrived, and I realized I… Read More

Cuz Moms CAN!

Been a busy week here at Clayton Hill!  But a great week, too! * I’ve been busy in the studio – in stolen ‘patches’ of time – which may make me more productive (???).  I have new dichroic cabs (that will become pendants,… Read More

WWU–the ‘Numbers’ Weekend …

Too many of my cases this weekend were about chasing numbers: dangerously low levels (potassium AND glucose – separate patients); dangerously high levels (alcohol AND drug); correctly predicting and reporting the number of hours someone would need to be monitored through the… Read More

It’s getting hot in here …

Oh Fred … I know you’re trying!  Look at what my poor DH has ‘rigged’ for me lately, in an effort to cool down the studio … And, to add insult – he’s having issue with our pool.  Being the redneck version… Read More

Sometimes I don’t like people very much … AKA WWU

Wow … I’m sooo glad this weekend is over!  Way too many recreational (=CODE for drug and alcohol related) injuries for my liking.  There is a subtle (ummm, NOT!) difference in working at my ‘lil Country-Club ER … folks (including the drunk… Read More

I’m on VACATION!!!

A working vacation, but still … As I sat yesterday morning, nursing my after-work ‘night-cap’, DH [lovingly] said, “You look tired.”  And it’s true, I was – physically tired.  But mentally, I’ve been creating list upon lists of things I want to get done,… Read More