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Knitting, candles and wine … Oh my!

Lost heat out in the studio.  Darn too-small propane tank anyway!  I’ve talked to DH about getting a real (house sized) one out there … maybe now is the time.  It’s a balmy 44 degrees in there right now.  Without water (drained… Read More

Stepping into the light and embracing the day

We lost power on Saturday.  Repair estimate had us getting electricity on Christmas night at 1130pm.  So, I had started to wrap my head around embracing what I would officially call the ‘Dark Christmas’ … I was excited about the prospect of… Read More

Surrounded by cuteness …

News from the den:  All are doing great.  Eyes and ears are open, we’re moving into gruel, and starting to cruise around in the whelping box.  We had a photo-shoot, and while there are so many adorable pictures to choose from …… Read More

Gathering as we grow …

WWU:  Someone decided it would be a good idea to have me as acting charge nurse this past weekend … WTH?!?  Such a silly notion!  But we got through, and outside of a huge THANK YOU to my co-workers, I have nothing… Read More


Darn that Pinterest, anyway … It’s devil’s-spawn, I tell you.  Stumbled on a knitting pattern that caught my eye … so, now I’m knitting it.  Here’s the creator’s pattern link, and here’s what I’ve got going so far:  If you’re an avid… Read More

Ahhhh … Sunshine and Solitude

DH is out manning the tractor, cutting hay … The kids are in school, for a few more days before they wrap up another academic year – and Summer break begins … I can hear the bickering now. But for today, it’s… Read More

Adele + Chinese Food = Good Medicine

Have spent the past week slowly trying to work through a huge family mess (BTW – have I cursed the Evil Biologic recently?  Yes? … Okay, well, here’s another  – %@#^*!!!) … Thus, not much going on in the studio.  Had it not… Read More

The needles are hot – the studio is warm …

Overall, it’s a pretty cool place to be right now … The weekend is over(!), and while no one in my ‘lil ER had to endure green vomit on St Patty’s day – there were some interesting intoxicants.  I, however, was in… Read More

Big tease, microcephalic … and faith!

As I sit in the office, nursing a cup of coffee – trying to wake up and tap into my smiling, happy, civil side (come on caffeine!) … DH is giving me a run down on the weather predictions for the next… Read More

Slowly sliding back into the groove …

WWU:  The very large (not full any longer, but still full enough to affect my county) moon did not disappoint – busy, crazy and … difficult.  But over(!) – so, moving on … I spent about an hour after getting home from… Read More