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Weekend wrap up … Bum!

Didn’t make it to work this weekend … so no whining to be done. Hold on a second – I can always whine about something.  I know, I can share a ‘reserve’ story … You know you’re a momma’s boy if:  You’re… Read More

Studio and summer news …

Started playing with some new dichro pieces last night (ok – early this morning, as the insomnia has returned!) … managed to break a piece of glass very poorly, and am now sporting 3 band-aids on my left hand from where I… Read More

To every thing … (AKA weekend wrap up)

there is a season … Time to move on?  Maybe.  I don’t know.  I really don’t like change, but … Had a few interesting things come up (out?) this weekend:  Delivered our first baby in our ER.  Yep, in the middle of… Read More

Heat wave … and other news

Got a reprieve from the electric company … maybe they felt bad for me?  With the kilns kicking, I’ve got to be a good customer, right?  Anyway – power’s back on as of Tuesday night!  YAY!!  I spent some time realizing I… Read More

They say the 1st is the toughest …

So true …  But – it’s finally done!  My glass mobile … After working through some production difficulties, and spending time learning the fine-art of beading wire (with my hand cramping up too many times to count!) … it’s hanging outside the … Read More

Babies’ Birthday

Had some fun with the birthday kids (the twins) the other day.  I have my son convinced [and dreading the fact] that he’s getting a sewing machine and my daughter is getting a tow bar (a ‘man-gift’ … I panicked and that’s… Read More


This week marks the one year anniversary of my Etsy shop … how time flies.  11,000 hits in this past year!  Wow!  I want to thank everyone for their interest in my little hobby! It makes for a fitting time to try… Read More

The yard work is done (almost) …

For this year anyway … Each year I add to our growing gardens/flower beds/landscaping.  Since our house is in the middle of what used to be a hay field, I’ve had lots of planting to do.  In the first few years, I… Read More

Hibernation …

So … I seem to have fallen into a strange routine.  I’ve been sleeping 11+ hours on Mondays.  This is bizarre to me, as I typically function on 4-7 hours of sleep and then magically wake up, whether I want more or… Read More