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Only in Michigan …

Can you go from 80 degrees to 40 degrees inside of 24 hours in May … Not complaining, just still in awe … while my teeth chatter. Got through Mother’s Day 2014.  It wasn’t awful, although there was plenty of drama in… Read More

Prayers & 3 kilns …

I’m staying creatively busy today.  Grandma is in surgery, getting her artificial airway and feeding tube today.  Arrgghhh!  I hate thinking about it – so I’m trying really hard not to … Any louder and my music will be heard in the… Read More

It’s Complicated …

This weekend, while at work someone asked me a couple of questions: 1.  How long have you been a nurse? [Oh! … Oh!  Wait … I know the answer to this one!!]  “Umm … 24 years.” 2.  Do you still like it?… Read More

Prayers and happy thoughts

My Grandma is in the hospital again – darn gallbladder!  She is NOT feeling good.  This afternoon when we were visiting her, I decided I didn’t like seeing her as a patient (looking tired and sick in the ICU bed) about as… Read More


While I play with chainmaille, jewelry and lampwork beads, DH is plugging away at the family room.          The direct vent fireplace is installed – and works!  There’s some finish carpentry and the (fireplace) surround to build yet (and CARPET!!!),… Read More

The good, the bad and the ugly …

Let’s start with the bad, cuz she’s awful darn cute:  Here is Cally.  She is DH’s favorite Yorkie (therefore, doubly spoiled and a COMPLETE brat!).  I think I figured out why he loves her so … she has the same coloring as… Read More

What a week ….

But first – cuteness.  This is our Olivia and her daughter Tubitha (Tubby).  Awww … Now, my week.   Apparently, my grandmother decided at 89 years of age that she didn’t want her gallbladder anymore.  She was so insistent about not wanting it,… Read More

Just because …

This post is just because I can!  And – because I have a few photos to share … I’ve been a busy beading-ninja!  I’m working on bracelets and pins/pendants and wire-wrapping, OH MY!  Here are a couple of bracelets – one done… Read More

Knitting, candles and wine … Oh my!

Lost heat out in the studio.  Darn too-small propane tank anyway!  I’ve talked to DH about getting a real (house sized) one out there … maybe now is the time.  It’s a balmy 44 degrees in there right now.  Without water (drained… Read More

Stepping into the light and embracing the day

We lost power on Saturday.  Repair estimate had us getting electricity on Christmas night at 1130pm.  So, I had started to wrap my head around embracing what I would officially call the ‘Dark Christmas’ … I was excited about the prospect of… Read More