It’s Complicated …

This weekend, while at work someone asked me a couple of questions:

1.  How long have you been a nurse?

[Oh! … Oh!  Wait … I know the answer to this one!!]  “Umm … 24 years.”

2.  Do you still like it?

[Oh … Umm … Well … So, you see – it’s complicated… (You need to think ‘SHORT ANSWER!’ – so …) Umm …] “Ah … yes!”

BUT[!], it’s complicated:

  • I love knowing how the human body works [- even my basic understanding] …
  • I HATE whiny … [like really, REALLY hate it!]
  • I love helping someone to feel better [… when everything else they have tried did not work].
  • I hate not being able to help someone [ … who deserves it].
  • I love being good at what I do … [This is NOT conceit.  Seriously.  I am great (statistically) at starting IV’s.] [Shakes salt over shoulder and rubs Buddha’s belly.]
  • I hate going too many hours without eating and/or peeing, while my back is ON-FIRE, and I’m currently adjusting to a financial pay-cut, while I bend over BACKWARDS to find common ground with the drug-seeker who has unrealistic goals for this particular emergency visit …
  • I love the concept of ‘bettering’ [… Is that even a word? …] human-kind.  [Oh – SHUT UP, Florence!]
  • I HATE knowing what comes next [because of my basic understanding of the human body] …

So, to wrap up this week:

1.  I [am pretty sure I] helped my oldest friend’s grandmother to feel better.

2.  I’m doing my best to help [certain] family [members] adjust to the fact that my grandma is dying … [The long way – with a trach, peg tube and nursing home involved.  BTW, Grandma – I love you … and this is NOT my idea!]

Yeah … It’s complicated.

P.S. – Thank you, God for [so many things – including my family,] my studio, my babies,  and my [music] playlist [on LOUD!] …

stringer-central-1 stringer-central-fusing stringer-central-slumpeddichro-peacock-feather-pre- dichro-peacock-feather-expe latest-project new-project---firing Tubs-5mo new-jewelry-trials

P.S.S. – To my new neighbors:  I apologize about the volume …

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