Are you kidding me???

It’s almost Nursing Competency time … I realize I’m early, but … Dang!!! Somewhere along the line ‘SuperNurse’ (Is that me???) decided to wrap up a frustrating few days [ummm. twins going off to college – what could be easier?!?], combined with… Read More

I’m so ADULTing …

Crossing so many things of my dreaded to do list!  BAM!!  Charge nurse on Monday (although I was droopy-eyed-tired and a tad irritable Monday morning – thank goodness for a great crew!!)  Thanks guys! ACLS pre-testing done.  Next up: the re-cert class… Read More

Night lights and penDots …

Sums up my studio week.  Throw in some pool time, pooch time, a couple of meals and a whole lot of sleep … yep, that’s what I did!  (Alright, I also picked about 4 pounds of beans from the garden, along with… Read More

Hibernating in July

So, the house is back in order, thank goodness!  Which should mean I’ve accomplished tons in the studio.  Sadly, it’s not true.  I spent the first three days this week convincing myself I did NOT have ER-acquired meningitis.  Turns out, if one… Read More

Who’s on Second – Third Base! AKA Weekend Wrap Up

Oh My Goodness – I never realized just how true this round-about was!  The old-folks kicked my ARSE, they did this weekend!  So, when a 70+ year old Alzheimer patient tells you they ‘have to pee’ – well, you’re there to help… Read More

Laying low …

WWU:  Assisted fellow-staff with one nasty case of Norovirus this past weekend.  While I cleaned and scrubbed [head to toe] with soap, sanitizer and BLEACH, I woke up Tuesday moving slow, with pains (head ache and back ache) … Jumping to the only… Read More

Moving right along …

Got through our tax session (Thanks Jim!) and a fun-filled E.R. weekend; Despite meeting one of the most unpleasant airline employees ever (service desk), we now have extended, four-legged family in NH, CO, NJ, PA and FL.  The pups did great! Which… Read More

Some re-stocking, stolen studio time … and T-3

Just 3 days before our Ribbon-Cutting ceremony/2nd Grand Opening … So exciting!  There will be champagne, cupcakes, door prizes … and healthy people!  Come on out to Zen Artisan Boutique this Saturday, 4/16/16!  [Meanwhile, a special THANK YOU to ALL who made… Read More

As promised – updates …

Studio news – My enamels have arrived.  [Yay!!]  And, I’ve been a little productive – a few photographs taken for upcoming shop listings (like the Hot Air Balloon Spoon Rest!).  I also did some overcooking in the kiln (lots of ‘dog-boning’ on… Read More

A few nights of studio playtime

Had a custom request conversation that has me playing in the studio.  First to make a large ‘hot cab’ and then to add a decal/screen printing area within … So, while it’s not in the requested colors – the first trial is… Read More