Good, Fat & Happy!

A good appointment with our tax man means CHS gets to keep making cool stuff!  [Well, yeah, sure – AFTER a weekend of ER nursing fun!]

Our pups are growing by the minute!  Momma Xena is eating like a champ and her fat ‘lil piglets will be opening their eyes soon!


So, I’m happy!  Had a vit pull last night (after officially closing the books on ‘the books’) … Shooting for a white/purple, which I think we hit!  Now, I just need a green, gold and orange cane pull … Oh, and another cream/white and red pull.  Shoot – a blue cane would work nicely too!  Time to get busy!


And – I like my ‘impressionist’ poppies … Now to decide what to do with them.

crackle-poppies-fired crackle-poppies

I’m also working on a crackle/luminescent experiment.  Hmm … we’ll see. 


Overall, I’m a happy girl – and I’m going to take tonight off and enjoy it with DH and the gang!


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