Wowzers …

Couple of crummy cases at work, mixed in with some great patients and holiday-weekend volume left me feeling road-weary Monday morning … Just Wow!!!

So, I crashed hardetsy-calendar.  Spent a fair amount of energy plotting out my listings for the shop … Maybe I’m making it more complicated but … Wow!

Today, I took the time to take photos and create listings and sit at the computer until my eyes couldn’t focus … But, yeah (umm …WOW) – some cool stuff coming up!

20170418_132344  20170418_165400  20170418_16174020170414_072439 20170419_000457 20170418_142702

And then I played with puppies, while we weighed, wormed and documented our growth.  Awww … So, wowza – I’m a lucky girl!  Just look at those faces!!!


Hope to squeeze in a trip to my local glass supplier and a vit pull (or two???) … Winking smile

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