Oh My Goodness …

I did it again!  Chalk it up to this time of year; a knee-jerk response to a bit of family drama; too many learning opportunities – or just an internet-shopping glass junkie spree … But I got my fix!  MmHmm!!!

I watched a reverse enamel painting tutorial … so, I have a fine collection of Fuse Master enamels on the way (to add to my ever growing collection!).  I hate that the FM packages are sent in dusty, leaky [drug paraphernalia type] baggies, so I purchased some glass jars to store them, all neat and pretty – and spill proof!  Thank you Amazon!

FM-enamels  glass jars

As I had already viewed a ‘glass bubbles’ tutorial, I made certain I was well stocked up for that project, too! (photos 2 & 3 = not my images)

bubbles-glassline bubbles-tutorial color bubbles

There’s a new project video coming out – and I was able to decipher a few key ingredients from the preview photos … and someone had a sale.  I know, right – it’s like KARMA!

So, I tucked those bad boys in my shopping cart, while I added to my ever growing list of planned vit cane/murrini to make … (Currently, I’m planning on covering the following colors with pulls:  Navy, orange, gold, red, green, brown and aqua … oh, and I’m trying to work my way through a coral/melon idea!)  Here’s the navy stack, currently – along with a few bits cut up for the other pull colors …

cane-navy  cane-pull-colors

Yep – glass junkie, for sure.  Now I need to get some sleep/go to the ‘day job’ to supply my habit!  Doh!!! Winking smile

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