This week in review …

I’m prepping photos for reverse enamel painting, as all of my supplies have arrived!  Here is Ceasar and an older photo of ‘The Mongrels” ready to try:

ceasar-enamel    mongrel-enamel-image

We had our blue (navy) vit pull – I like the results.  Tonight we’ll be trying a yellow/gold pull … so yeah, I’m shooting for maize and blue murrini!  Winking smile


Had dinner with the high school girls.  Always a good time catching up(!), and I almost feel bad for the people sitting around us … Oh, the stories we tell! 

I cut circles!  18 of them … turned them into round black discs, so that I can make donut pendants.  Here is the first trial with a mica coating on top.  She’s in the kiln now, so … we’ll see!


I also have night lights and spoon rests in the works, along with some component pieces for jewelry tiles.  But that will be next week.  Time to get back to that vit pull … Have a great weekend!

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