Donuts, stacks, cane & squishy faces …

IT-donut-pendantsLife is good!  I finished up a few new pendants … I like them!  The mica base is colorful and fun … Plus – I have 6 more in the works!  

Meanwhile, I continue with my murrini/cane madness … We did our green pull tonight.  I’ve got our next few stacks cut and ready to go, too.  I’m covering all of the colors of the rainbow – which means I need to work my way through a red stack – and successfully fire that sucker without making yards of ‘mud-cane’ … Fingers crossed!


Here’s a picture of our recent murrine/cane pulls, in a beautiful mosaic photo presentation!  Winking smile


And, top it all off – I have squishy-faced beauties full of puppy-breath to keep me smiling!!  The babies are 4 wks old now – they are so much fun to play with and snuggle!


Next up – grocery shopping (Ugggh!) and reverse enamel painting (YAY!!)!

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