She is HOME!!!

After 7 long days, Chloe is home.  Eating, drinking, healing … and cuddling!  And, not thrilled about posing for any photos … That’s my girl!!Chloe is home

Can’t Keep a Good Gal Down …

So  – quite a lot has happened since my last post.  None of which is glass or card making related …

Shortly after my post last week, Miss Chloe Cowbella started vomiting …chloe-cowbell All NIGHT.  She would (on her own) drink water, wait 2-3 hours and vomit it all back up.  Wait a few minutes and do it again.  Drink, vomit, rinse, repeat… Until 7AM when DH took her to our local vet.  Initial blood work showed she was sick (WBC 21k).  X-rays showed fluid in her lungs and an abnormal abdominal x-ray.  [We were told a possible ruptured stomach … Wait, what???]  She would need 24 hour vet care, possibly an oxygen tent – more than our local vet could provide … I spent Thursday sobbing – deep, ugly tears – while holding Ro and praying to baby Jesus.

Turns out Chloe was hiding pyometra from her last heat cycle ~6 wks ago, and somewhere through the vomiting and vet visit, she had ruptured her uterus.  Fast forward through an emergency surgery with hysterectomy, one LONG week (with daily calls to the incredibly patient vet techs for updates), and my Bunk-Ditty-Bunk-a-Boo is on the mend.  We visited last night.  She has a drain in her abdomen, so we aren’t allowed to bring her home just yet (even though as a nurse, I’ve cared for JP drains before, and as a patient – I’ve had one …), but hopefully within the next 24-48 hours.


She’s eating and drinking, she’s successfully switched over to oral medications … It’s just that drain.  But she was happy to see us.  And, I was over-the-moon thrilled to see her!  Nope – can’t keep a good woman down! Winking smile  Thank you Sweet Baby Jesus!!!

chloe-drain2     Bunk-Ditty-smiling

Next up – day walker hours for the dreaded yearly nursing competencies (Ugghhhh!), and bringing our Bunk home!!!  Then we can rejoin our regularly scheduled programs!  HUGS!!!


Moving Past a Creative Rut …

Or trying to … I haven’t been making much, but I’m starting to get a bit of the mojo back.  Last week, DH and I went to one of our old stomping grounds (bar/restaurant) to meet up with work friends.  We had a good time, and I made a card for a dear friend (who happens to love Mickey Mouse and all things Disney):


hibachi-noodlesDid I mention for Mother’s Day, we went to a Japanese steak house.  I’ve been searching for a recipe for those addictive noodles ever since, and tried a combination of recipes to create my own take on Hibachi Noodles.  Not bad, but I would alter a few ingredients/quantities next time.

I did a bit of card making stuff:  I created a few more watercolor backgrounds.  And I copic-colored a few adorable skunk images that I hope to make into cards.

water-color-backgrounds-5-1 copic-skunks

The garden is planted and we had our first pool day (on Memorial Day).  It was a bit chilly, but the sun was out, so one of my favorite ways to spend a sunny day!

The bulldog pups are as cute as ever, rolling into 8 wks old.  Here are Viola and Newton wandering about ‘their domain’ – and Linda ‘posing’ while giving us the stink eye! heart-emoji

Viola-and-Newton linda-8wks

Posting early this week, as I failed to post anything last week.  Which means I have a couple more days to make cool stuff in the kitchen and studio, play with awesome fur-babies, and maybe catch a little more pool time before heading in for a weekend of ER nursing fun! Later Y’all!  Winking smile


Cuteness Overload!

So, I’ll start with the bulldog puppies.  Even after diving into some home-made yogurt (as seen on Viola’s crusty head), they are still too darned cute.  They love exploring in the yard, climbing rocks, cruising through grass or stopping to smell (and maybe taste) the flowers …

 viola-6wks newton-6wks Linda-6wks

Then we move on to cards – birthdays, weddings and one without a sentiment just yet … I’ll switch modes to Thanks You’s and Father’s Day cards next week.  All the while, moving a few glass items along in the kilns (night lights, spoon rests – the staples!)  We plan to do a vitrigraph pull or two next week, so I have to work out some color-schemes for the stacks.


birthday-shaker-card wedding-card2 puppies-card

DH and I are having ‘date night’ later today … I grew up going to the (horse) racetrack with my grandpa from time to time.  It’s something DH and I would do as cheap entertainment in our early marriage ($20 goes a long way when you’re placing show bets).  They’ve closed all but one track in Michigan, so we’re going before that one is gone!

We hope to get the garden planted next week, too.  Whew – it’s going to be a busy week.  Good thing I get to ‘play cards’ this weekend … Winking smile  Be safe Y’all!


Mother’s Day and cute stuff!

We had dinner out with the kids tonight.  Over the years, DH has been fairly ‘privileged’ and/or isolated from dining out (I have food allergies, plus I like to cook).  We went to a nice restaurant, and he nearly choked on the cost of the bill.  But, it was a good dinner, great visit and a fun early celebration … And – I got flowers, lots of them!  Smile  Thank you, my babies!!!

Speaking of … the bulldog babies are 5 wks old, and absolutely ADORABLE!  Here is Viola (with Mama Ro), Newton and Linda – checking out grass for the first time.


I made a few cards, as I slowly make my way through my Pinterest favorites.  A friend has a wedding soon; I played with paper piecing, and water colored some die cut flowers on a stamped background.

wedding-card-dina roses-paper-piecing hello-friend-card

I had a special request for coe90 bright murrini, so I put together some mixed bags.  I like them and may add a few to the shop.  Meanwhile, I’m still trying to get my vitrigraph cane pulling partner (ummm … DH) to set up some dates!

coe90-birght-murrini-mix  coe90-mixed-bright-murrini

Later today, I will catch up on kiln loads and glass orders, before I head back to a fun holiday weekend in the ER.  Happy Mother’s Day, Y’all!

Thank goodness for Cute Puppies!!!

Here is the RoBo gang.  They turned 4 weeks old this week, and are loving gruel!  Look at those adorable mugs! heart-emoji  That’s Linda, Newton and Viola …


I had some dealings with difficult people this week – at work and at home.   Why do people choose to be rude and ugly?  Anyway, the mojo was off in the glass studio.  So, I played with cards.  I made some watercolor backgrounds.

watercolor-ombre-background  watercolor-backgrounds

nuvo-enamel-dotsAnd while those dried, I made some homemade (Nuvo) enamel dots … which I then placed on a couple of cards.  I did a bit of copic coloring too.  Here is my ‘group hug’ card.

someone-special-card  copic-coloring  group-hug-card

Last night I discovered a video tutorial for these pretty Rose cards … So, I made a couple.  Thank you, Kristina!


I’ll leave with a cute photo of Chloe, who is wondering why I’m messing with her naptime … Winking smile  Have a great weekend, y’all!Chloe-chillin

Sweet Puppies, Mental Health Nite and CARDS …

RoBo’s babies have turned three weeks old.  Their eyes are open and starting to focus, ears are opening (they scare themselves when they growl or bark) and they’re getting cuter by the MINUTE!!!


DH and I got together with some of my work gang this week.  Many have moved on from our ER ( – one has even RETIRED – I’m so jealous!), but we all share some third shift magic!  It’s great that we still get together – after 17 years (for some of the gang)!


special-request-plateI made a special request dog plate – this one spotlights a German Shepherd. 

And I made a few cards.  Some okay, some not-so-much … But I also have more stamped images ready to color.  One more day of fun before heading back to the ER this weekend.  Happy Spring Y’all!!!

water-color-flowersembossed-flowers-card  new-stamps-to-color


Minimal Adulting …

We got thru tax season 2019.  It was a painful week, but we beat the deadline.  We did ‘OK’ this year – we felt the tax law changes, but came out ‘winning’ … For whatever reason, this year’s tax prep was UNBELEVIABLY painful.  I never wanted to miss a deadline as badly!  So, it’s Friday and I’m still recovering – with minimal adulting.

I finally did some cooking on Friday (the first time this week).  Of course I went big – a VAT of potato soup, strawberry jam, spinach pies and a big batch of cranberry granola.  DH is still making about two Instant Pot’s of greek yogurt each week.  So the jam and granola make me happy!


Meanwhile, Ro and her RoBO babies are doing great(!) – growing, eating and adjusting to life on the outside.

Ro-and-babies   wk2-robo-babies

I’ve had the kiln running a couple of times this week, to keep up with orders.  I had some heartbreak after a successful firing.  I assume it was because I didn’t pull the glass off the mold after firing, but let it stay there for a few days –  with crazy Michigan temperature changes  … only to discover this:


Through it all, I’m making cards: Easter cards – for our offspring; and a ‘batch’ of birthday cards – to add to my  ‘collection box’.  Eventually, I may decide to do more with these than just family/friend gift-giving.  I’m still thinking about it.  But, in the meantime, they make me happy.


Now, to get ready for a week-end of ER Nursing fun …

And the Family is HOME!

Clyde was admitted to the canine hospital over the weekend, with pneumonia.  He came home on Tuesday, breathing easy and happy to see Dad (DH).  And RoMomma was admitted on Tuesday for pup watch, as she was showing signs of early labor … She and her pups came home today!  So, everyone is home now … YAY! 


And we have three new little ones:  Newton and his two sisters, Linda and Viola.  They are gorgeous!!!  So far, mom is sleeping off anesthesia and the pups are settling in to life on the outside.  Look at those faces!!! Smile

newton linda viola

Now to prep for our annual date with our tax man … It can’t all be fun and cuteness!

Busy Week … But, Not Done YET!!!

clydeSo, just to shake things up a bit this week, DH fully embraced a senior moment.  He gave Clyde his dose of naproxen, instead of Clyde’s dose of Zyrtec.  Meanwhile, I was cruising along at 80MPH, whistling a happy  tune in the studio  … And came to a SCREECHING STOP! 

‘You did what?’  Ninety minutes and 2.5 bottles of hydrogen peroxide later … Clyde offered up the offendingly toxic Naprosyn, while doing his best imitation of a drowning CHF’er; DH is exhausted, both physically and emotionally; and I’m watching over the boys sleeping, as well as Chloe and Ro.  Then it hits me … I realize just how terrible DH would be as an ER nurse.  His emotions took over and he wanted to stop ‘torturing’ Clyde (who does not like the taste of H2O2, BTW).  ‘Nope – haven’t seen any pills yet.  Come here, buddy,’ as I place Clyde in my best toddler/half-nelson head-lock.  It was ugly, traumatic and absolutely no fun.  BUT  – Clyde is now naproxen-free, drank water on his own and he’s currently sleeping.  Now, I’m considering locking all the meds up, away from DH …

Meanwhile, Ro went to the vet for a check this week.  She has an ear infection, so they did a quick ultrasound … which showed 4 (or more) babies, all with healthy heart beats.  T-4 days (give or take) … heart

While I continue to watch over the four (and two) legged crew, I made a few card tops.  HMMMM…. I’m waiting to play with the new alcohol pearl inks – due to arrive any day now … (Give or take…) Winking smile 


AIR-PLANTMURRINI-PEBBLESAnd, I’m using up useless nibs and bits of murrini, to create pebbles.  I chopped up empty wine/liquor bottles, to make a hanging ‘basket’ of sorts (complete with MACRAME twine/hemp hangers – THANKS You-Tube!), all ready  for ‘air plants’ … A fun and different earth-friendly house-warming gift for our daughter.  I hope to add some to our shop … we’ll see.

Thank goodness it’s Friday … I get to go back to the ER tomorrow!!!