Computers & Cute Puppies

Spent 3-4 hours this week fighting with my new computer, Windows 10 and technology.   Aaarrggh!  I now realize nothing is compatible with Windows 10.  Previously purchased (expensive) software programs (Corel, Excel, WinZip) need to be upgraded (‘at a discount’ … MY ARSE!), reinstalled, reconfigured … Good Lawdy!  But, my computer, my files and my plotter are now playing nicely … just in time for some custom orders, along with other glass favorites!

special-order bowl-order kiln-load-12-14

Thank goodness for cute puppies!  We have romp time throughout the day and my baby boy, Chloe, Gina, Bubba, Luna, Hera and Bonnie love to join in!


I’m happy to have our youngest son home again.  We’ve been cooking ‘specials’ and favorites all week.  And dessert.  My photo didn’t do any justice, so I’m including the original and link here … Thank you, Amanda!  My men-folk give it two thumbs up!


Now to have some ER nursing fun!

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