Full House … gonna get FULLER

Yep … we’ve got a full house, that’s for sure!  Last week our Tubitha, doing her best interpretation of a ‘beached whale meets hippopotamus’ (poor girl), finally had her babies – all 12 of them.  Now that we’re settling in to ‘life on the outside’, and Tubby can breathe and eat again … Well DH and I are on pup-watch.  Momma Tubbs and her piglets are doing great!

And, our son comes home … today!  He has completed his military training, surviving summer months in Georgia and Texas (that had this ‘hot-flashing’ Mom feeling extra sympathy for the boy).  I can’t wait to see him, give him a hug and know he’s safe and sound back home!  ❤

DH and I have decided Chloe needs a sister.  So, Lil Miss Rotunda will be joining our gang.  Is she not ADORABLE!?!


I’m wrapping up Christmas orders during stolen moments in the studio.  I hope to carve out a few more hours this week for another project or two.  We’ll see.  With all this excitement in the house … Mom’s kitchen is in full swing!

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