Major Deadlines … MET!

We made it … All handmade gifts were completed and GIVEN.  I pulled together a few cards (five – to be exact): Four to give to our offspring, to house the cash gifts they all wanted;


Mexican-Frui-CakeAnd one more card for my sister … To go along with the Mexican Fruit Cake for her birthday (12/29) – which was my contribution to the whole (extended)-family-Christmas-Eve-dinner that she hosted (her favorite cake … and Not My Photo).  My sister did an AMAZING job, and I had such a great time!

We wrapped the couple (dozen) gifts to add to the 8 tubs of Christmas Chex Mix (!), made our own Christmas day feast … And we were GOLDEN!!!  … Christmas (Eve and Day) 2019 …  So – YAY … WE DID IT!

Moving on from family celebrations … I’ll begin Deadline 2 (work competency segment  #3 of the year), so I can officially celebrate 2020 … I  totally LOVE meeting DEADLINES … !?!  [I do … once they’re DONE!!] … So I can start playing with glass again!  Happy Holidays Y’all!!!2020

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