Deadline 2 of 4 & The New Year …

I started the week off by meeting the (latest) new deadline for online work competencies.  Which made the next two weeks mine!  YAY!  We had beautiful skies on Monday, along with some snow fall on Tuesday … I caught photos:


our-air-fryer[DH and] I gifted ourselves with an air fryer – so we spent much of the week learning about the machine and trying recipes: Coconut Shrimp with Pina Colada dipping sauce (and toasted coconut garnish); General Tso’s Chicken (non-spicy); Pork Fried Rice; Berry Cream Cheese Wontons; Eggrolls (Philly Steak & Cheese for him and Shrimp for me); and we tried a recipe from this cookbook.  It was supposed to be Cinnamon Apple Chips, but the amount of salt called for was ridiculous!  And after reading through several more of recipes, with the silly names (‘Feisty Pigs in a Blanket’ – which are simply cocktail weenies wrapped in crescent roll dough.  I’m not sure what’s FEISTY about that …) and multiple typos, I would not recommend the book.


We rang in the New Year with a low-key night of good food and a few games of pool.  I caught a quick photo of the sisters … such party animals  – they could barely keep their eyes open to midnight!  Smile


After this fun-filled ER weekend, I hope to try lemon curd and Bavarian cream hand pies in the air fryer … I’ve done a wee bit of post-holiday shopping, so I’ll be playing with cards next week, too! 

I pulled together a simple card while DH and I were watching (Netflix) The Witcher this evening … And, DH found my giant teddy bear in our storage container – I made him some 18-20 years ago (when I dabbled in sewing) … Time to clean him up and bring him into the house!  Awww …


Have a safe weekend, Y’all!

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