Marching On …

What an A$$-kicking week!  Sent our youngest off for Boot Camp (x4 months).  I can’t tell you how many times the ER nurse/Momma Bear in me was in conflict.  But, he is 20 years old – makes his own decisions … and I couldn’t ‘ground him’ if I wanted to …

And then, the evil-biologic … Well, she’s dying.  It is tearing my sister up … Dammitall – I hate that!!  That ‘SHE’ would cause trauma/drama even in this ‘exit stage left’ setting … Huge hugs and hearts to my sister!!!   Red heart you!  I’ve spent some 4-5 hours on the phone with my sister this week – I’m not sure it’s helping …

So, I’ve been busy in my studio, with music BLARING – cuz, it helps!!!  And Chloe and my Yorks are close by!  I’m working on vitrigraph pulls, penDots, cloud pendants, and struggling with wifi/computer strife!   Something has happened to my studio desktop.  Something bad & evil, with a trickling, slow demise.  DH has checked every cable and plug.  It’s frustrating, and I’m about to call in the *GASP* [Never Works] computer-repair-men …

But – I do have a few photos to share.  Pretty glass pictures …

fritrini-cabs-firing-8-17coe90 scallioncoe-96-pansy-stackcoe96-pansy8-4-hot-cabs

And now – I must endure 24 hours of nursing fun – with The Redneck Crew… God, Help Us!!!  If I can keep from yelling at anyone, while I keep my sister off the ledge, and DO NOT CRY or worry about my GI-Joe-boy, well then … I win!  [Fingers crossed!]


1 Comments on “Marching On …”

  1. You are a great life force…..I feel your pain in regards to your GI JOE….I worry when my grown up kids take a vacation. I only sleep well when I know they are at home and sleeping in their beds. One night I think I’ll fake an illness just to come up there and chat with you. I’ll send you good juju to help you through this moment in time~


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